Grove v. Belcher

How do you guys see this one? I think Grove via 2nd round KO. Too much reach combined with his striking power after the nerves settle down. I also think if Grove wins this, he will be up for a major marquee fight. Its time to see what he can do against the top of the food chain competition (no disrespect to anyone he has fought)


IMO, Grove doesnt have the power to stop Belcher. Belcher will beat Kendall just by damaging him until he find a way to finish

Grove got heart, aside from him biting everyones style(tito's grave diggin, Spider nick,:P) Go Kendall.

"Alan Belcher will kick Kendall's mouthpiece into Tito or Jenna's lap on purpose with a high kick"

That would have to be a monster highlight reel high kick, considering Grove is 6'6. Good luck with that.


Kendall does have heart. and stamina, Ill give him those things. Of course he is skilled as well. But if Okami and Santiago couldnt do much damage to Belcher on the ground, no way KEndall is. And Alans standup is very good. He hits hard, kicks harder, and probably has one of the best chins in MMA at 185.


good luck to Alan

good luck to grove. pulling for grove but belcher is no slouch.

belcher is going to wreck him

good matchup of up and coming middleweights.

belcher by ko 3rd round.

Grove 2nd rd ko



if you saw belcher's last fight vs. santiago, you would have more interest ..he looked very good in every aspect of the won by highlight reel ko.

I am not to firmiliar with Belcher, but from the sounds of it he is pretty legit.

"I hate Grove ever since the reports of him holding out for easy competition"

when was this? if he thinks belcher is an easy win this won't last long.

Rumor has it Groves passed on several opponents until Price was presented to him. I have no idea if its true or not.

"I am not to firmiliar with Belcher, but from the sounds of it he is pretty legit"

The kid is awesome. He kicks the $hit out of me on a regular basis in practice (not that I am any good or anything b/c I am not). He picks things up so quickly that it is amazing. Big future ahead of him.

Rumor has it he has basically hand picked his last couple opponents, including Alan. Its gonna backfire

I'm feeling pretty good about this one for Alan.

You guys that train with him, does he have anybody with that kind of reach to train with? That's the only thing I see giving him trouble against Grove.