Grove vs Cote @ UFC 74

Cote by brutal KO

Cote is a spoiler in this one.

His record in the UFC is really not as indicitive of his level as one might think. His first fight was against tito as a last-minute replacement, fer cryin out loud. Lutter is also a great fighter and was a horrible match-up for Cote.

Cote has heavy hands and if Grove let's him find his range, it could be a quick fight and a long night.

I'll take Cote in this one.

Good matchup.

He was afraid to use them against Scott Smith.. He fought like Tim Sylvia in that one..

LOL some good stuff in this thread.


"the golden age of mma"

"Cote has heavy hands"

We keep hearing this but we have yet to see him stop anyone with them. The closest he came was Doerkson, before Joe choked him out.

Cote's ground skills are legit, he choked out Jason MacDonald last year.

Lutter and Doerksen exposed how poor Cote's ground game is... Grove will take that exposure, exploit it, and sell the rights to Red Light District.

3T for Cote