Growing Garlic

It’s probably too hot where you are at. They typically need a few weeks of cold soil temps to start bulb formation. Fall planting is probably a must in your zone. Softneck varieties may do better than hardneck.

I’m eagerly awaiting to see if what I planned last fall comes up.

Better not let China find out youre growing garlic, they will fly some fucker over here to salt your garden.









Way ahead of me.

Looks good!

None of my garlic came up. Maybe it’s too early, but I poked around and couldn’t find anything. Do squirrels eat garlic?

How do you keep the birds and squirrels from eating everything???

@RocG I would have thought your garlic would have been up by now depending on your growing zone. You said you planted in the fall. Too wet and they may have rotted. Not cold enough and they may not have rooted. Check with your neighbor.
Where I didn’t get germination I found rotten cloves.

@billyball2 Nothing really messes with the garlic. They are actually a great companion plant if you are trying to avoid pesticides.
The raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, sugar peas, and tomatoes are different story. I utilize everything from netting to a blow dart gun. I’m going to steal @mutant idea of rocks painted like strawberries for birds this year.

I love garlic, but 50 varieties, say what, do they all have a unique flavor?

@FIJI do it they have worked wonders so far. Birds peck them and since they are hard they seems to equate red fruit and vegetables with it.

After I couldn’t find my garlic growing I noticed some store bought growing in the kitchen hanging basket. I planted that shit, lol. This is not how it’s supposed to work.

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I’m going to steal this too. I’ve got my netting ready to go.

Harvested all my garlic. Yield came out decent. I was harvesting scapes as I was cooking with them. When I finally pulled the remaining I left them on a little long. Those scapes weren’t as tender as I would have liked and I think affected the bulb production.




Purple glazer

Spanish roja and music.


I grow them each fall. I’m in the midwest. I usually plant the bulbs in October and pull them in May. I’ve moving onto hot peppers next. The stalks are a nice natural indicator of transition from winter to spring.

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I tried growing garlic this year and completely failed. I planted some in November that never came up in the spring. Then I had a store bought garlic sprout in the kitchen so I planted it. Then I went on vacation and it dried out and died.

I will try again next year. I can’t do worse!