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I had my dispensary in Revelstoke BC shut down by an RCMP raid.

they took everything that wasnt bolted down. we went to federal court on trafficking and and money laundering charges.

after consulting several lawyers and legal advisors we went into trial alone without a lawyer etc.

the way we played it was we know we are guilty but everywhere else in the province is setting up “illegal” dispensaries. less than an hour away there are ads on the radio for them and TV advertisements. so how can they persecute us for providing a service they let pass by the rest of the province.

we got off with a $500 fine and we had to surrender our passports to the court for 2 years.

we literally played the “george Jung defense” and won. the federal persecutor was PISSED.

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Yea it’s fucking crazy how they can just do whatever they want. Our chemists were too far ahead of the laws. They kept changing the chemicals as they were being made illegal. Started with cannabinoid called jwh-18 I think. The feds have to put a notice out saying that substance becomes illegal on a certain date. Usually got about a months heads up. We’d sell all that shit, then they started sending us am-220. This shit went on for 10 months or so. Finally the feds got pissed and started enforcing a bullshit law called the analog act. Basically all they need is their chemist to come in and say blah blah it’s similar. It pretty much lets them do whatever they want.

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Thank you and the science behind all this is kinda overwhelming for optimal results but it will be fun to just “ nothing to it but to do it “ . I will take all advice and try to follow to the best of my abilities. I’m genuinely impressed with how knowledgeable people on here are about random topics . I appreciate all the great advice from all the Oger’s

Find someone that is a badass grower. If you’re going to grow from seeds get the badass shit. Cannabis Cup champions, you can’t go wrong. It’s not hard doing it right. I remember the first seeds I sprouted. You get so anxious wanting them to grow haha. My first time I had 2 clones and 2 seeds maybe 3. My biggest plant ended up being a fucking male haha. It’s heartbreaking ripping that fucker you waited so long to grow. Mother plants should always be a seed. If you have a dispensary in your area go bother one of the bud tenders “You know where I can by some clones?” Worst thing they can say is no. Seeds take forever man. Sometimes they can die going from Aeroponic clone kit into your table. I’ve had some shock up on me. I always kept my mother’s in soil. Soil can be risky with hydro. Bugs love living in soil. Never flush your nutrient water down the toilet or shower. I’ve seen someone do it lol. That shit is like hgh for plants.

Don’t get overwhelmed with the “science” just remember that high school drop out stoners can grow weed, don’t over complicate it with 5 different additives, bloom boosters, Yada Yada Yada. These companies are really good at marketing and making money.

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True, i feel the same. i think the bud is starting to get so strong on average that it honestly just taste like hash / thc.

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