Growing your own mushrooms

What's the best source on the internet for acquiring magic mushrooms or getting the right information to grow your own? I'm old now so they're getting harder to find and I find it interesting anyway so growing my own might be fun. 



Eat whatever cows eat and grow them with your own shit

Reddit. r/sporetraders



so I've heard.

Buddy did it.  Forgot what the secret is.  He got a ton!

tried once all i got was more mold than mycelium.  may give it another try soon.


Midwestern Grow Kit


You can buy spores online pretty cheap. Legal to buy, just not legal to grow. 

Thanks for the suggestions.


In Like Flynn

Had a good video saved on YouTube. Was going to post but it was deleted. 

Friend did this and became quite a pro. They were always very powerful too. It takes quite a bit of time and dedication but is worth it. He used to get spores from a catalog where you could buy all kinds of crazy drugs. Chemical compounds (2CI), toad skins, all kinds of stuff. I am always just too sketched out to ever order things like that and have to deal with recieving the package in some manner.

Look up PF Tek on youtube. Easy way to grow.

Most head shops sell spores - legal in most places.


unenforceable - 

Eat whatever cows eat and grow them with your own shit