Grudge Match: Penn v. Ralph Gracie

As far as I know, there is no grudge.

Vito is a fucking idiot.

Deny what? I've never made posts about what happens in training
sessions behind closed doors I'm really only concerned with what
would happen in competition. 1) You never know how all out
anyone was is going in dojo training. 2) You be surprised who
could catch how in those training sessions anyway.

There is no grudge between BJ and Ralph. As a friend of both it's
not a match I'd want to see anyway. Personal feelings aside, it
would be a very exciting match up. BJ is the product of natural
talent in the extreme + quickest learning ability ever + hard work
ethic. Ralph is extremely talented + quick study himself +
training since birth + flat out the mean (in a fighting sense).

gumby rings a bell i think i know jonli im just curious

Maybe...I was partying in the Rum Jungle after the UFC this

I cant understand how so many people are oblivious to the ralph mishima fight. Mishima just beat Tetsuji Kato who was very high in the rankings, and then ralph beat him.

I think it would be a really even fight, ralph has alot better stand up then renzo for sure. ANd his ground game looked great against mishima who is also great on the ground, he would move from mout to rear naked incredibly quickly.

yah i know you from bj....i was there too..JonLi

i know i've heard your name long ago

"I've never made posts about what happens in training sessions behind closed doors"

That's probably because you have some class..

Did no one see Bushido? Why doesn't anyone know about Ralph and Mishima? I figured that'd be the biggest story coming from that show.

Ralph mishima match was boring beyond all belief up to the last minute and a half. Ralf did well, but mishima kept Ralf on his back in side control for a long time. Ralph capitalized and took care of business though. and mishima is top 5, arguably, so props to ralph, but that was not the standout match of the night. renzo x. newton was a little better. Brennan's fight was the most exciting.

Will not happen and wixom does not know what he is talking about.

I love how people just throw out names like there pieces of garbage ie: Matt Hughes, just because he lost a fight!