GSP abusing superman punch?

I mean, for such a fundamentally unsound punch to be effective it has to be especially unpredictable. He seemed to be throwing it as his straight right against kos. Like when Mac used too many star-punches in Mike Tyson's Punch Out.

i thought he was using it with his left too!

but meh, use it while you have it!

lol @ his left. That would be unpredictable though...

He certainly abused Matt Hughes with it...he might have used it to much against Kos, but he was mixing it up with right low kicks, which is the way to do it

The key to using the star punches in Tyson's Punchout is when to use them. If GSP played it when he was a kid he would be an even better fighter now.

GSP needed to wait for Kos to wink with his left eye. Then he should throw that punch!

I thought it was a full blink?

I'm pretty sure GSP did use his left superman punch a few times to set up his right superman punch.  We need a GIF.

^ True...

I agree he was going to it too often but Kos lacked the standup to do anythng about it.

that was a aqua man punch

GSP was using the switch jab step and round... then he would transition to the superman punch step and left kick... and then he'd set it up and shoot... The switch jab and superman punch are very effective for a retreating opponant which is what Kos was.


only Clark Kent can abuse this...........

What he was doing was he would fake the superman punch and throw a jab, which was pretty effective against Kos.  Interesting because the superman punch itself is off a fake kick.  So it's a double fake to a jab...  and it WORKS!  Cool shit.

Great response Elvis

ttt for Elvis! You rock.

Thanks Elvis for the response.

I was getting worried he was using it too much. My buddy felt that there
was no counter to it. I should have told him to STFU. I hate noobs

Is it just me or does everyone hear Elvis's accent when they read his posts?


007 373 5963

you guys remember what that is?

True Story:
A few years ago I go to my buddies house and he his old NES hooked up. I played Punch Out so much as a kid that after 10 plus years I still remembered the code to fight Tyson. lol

It appears he used it effectively, since he won the fight. Kos couldn't tell if the punch was coming, or if he was faking to set-up a kick or takedown attempt. JKB