GSP anybody thinkin this too?

does anyone else think that GSP should move up a weight class so he can have some competition? these WW fights with him are always so one-sided, hes just on a different level than the other fighters in that division. anyone agree?

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IMO GSP is too small to be at middleweight. He's not a big guy (he's broad, which makes him look bigger than he is) nor is he tall, even for a WW (5'10" despite what the tape said on saturday, which added an inch to both him and Kos). Many of his WW advantages would be negated by the bigger opponents.

For other reasons, however, it may be a good move. I think he has the tools to beat Silva in a conservative fight with an immediate title shot, but, depending on his goals, i wouldn't think a permanent move would be wise.

LeftBench dont hate. i just found this particular website. and i realize this isnt a wise permanent move but what i was getting at was more that the advantages he has over the WW division make the fights ridiculously unfair. hes just too much better than the other fighters in that division. and the idea was kinda that his advantages would be negated making for better fights. or atleast thats the idea.

Although I don't disagree that it would be interesting for fans if GSP made forays into other weight classes (and who knows, maybe he will), but it's not necessarily practical for him. When fighting is your career you start thinking about things like your legacy (being a great champion) and your future (what happens to you financially when you are done).

When you're younger than GSP that sort of thing makes a lot more sense. Also if you're Japanese... part of their Budo. However, it makes careers unfortunately short. Look at Sakuraba.

That is a good point. I agree that moves like that would make his career shorter than it should be and Im pretty sure that if i was him i wouldnt want to change classes either. who knows maybe one day there will be more equally talented fighters for him to fight in the WW division

However, it makes careers unfortunately short. Look at Sakuraba.

And coming back down after carrying more weight than you should can be problematic. Look at RJJ after his heavyweight fight.

 There would be no coming back down from MW.  My guess is that he will fight Jake Shields on the Toronto card and if he dominates that fight, he would fight on the New Years card for the MW title. 

I would prefer to see him fight Sheilds, Fitch (if he keeps winning), then move to MW and fight a couple of somewhat favorable matchups like Bisping, Akiyama, Leben.  Stay away from some of the bigger guys in the division until he feels comfortable with the weight gain.  Call it a career after winning the MW title and a couple defences.

see thats kinda what i was talking about right there LiftStrong. He could go up and fight a couple of good matchups and then go from there, but like said above this could lead to an unfavorably short career for him.