GSP beats SHIELDS and BROCK beats FEDOR.

Tonight they were both exposed in certain respects and would get worked by their UFC counterparts.

 Hello Dana White.

 GSP beats Shields, Fedor kills Brock within 2 rounds.

Fedor beats Brock.

GSP beats Shields.

GSP tapped from strikes to Matt Serra...TAPPED.

Shields has nothing for GSP.

Brock vs. Fedor-no idea but I'm buying that PPV.


Penn would beat Shields, IMO.

White347LX - Penn would beat Shields, IMO.


Im pretty sure A Silva could have taken both Shields and Miller in the same fight


^^ So would Jacare

RaepChoke - If Fedor landed the punch he KOd Rogers with on Brock, the same result would happen, Rogers would have a flashback and drop where hes standing


Fedor beats Brock,

This is how, Fedor and Brock meet in the center of the cage. Brock gets caught with a strong right hand or left that wobbles him. Brock shoots the take down and gets Fedor down. Brock proceeds to throw his patented 1 inch pitty pat punches as Fedor spins his hips and gets the armbar.

Basically Coleman vs Fedor all over again.

Fedor by either KO or Armbar 1st RD.

Fedor punches hard as fuck and Brocks chin hasn't been tested by a heavy handed striker.


Was there ever a question about that?

Shields cannot compete with the top UFC fighters, I question his ability to be a top 5 UFC fighter

Fedor vs Brock...I agree

fedor would kill brock

shields would be competitive than GSP, he would put up a better fight than alves, fitch or penn.

No way, Shields would be dominated

Just my opinion, certainly not fact.

Based on tonight i dont think shields would beat koscheck or fitch.

It think Brock and Carwin would be able to take fedor down and hold him there.

Subutai - No way, Shields would be dominated

since GSP seems to takedown his oppenents often now in his fights, shields off his back isn't bad. he looks for sweeps and goes for single legs. he has better jiu jitsu than fitch or alves and if shields gets on top of GSP; he could give george a lot of trouble.

also shields has the best guillotine choke in the WW division.

GSP Rapes Shields as always, Brock vs. Fedor is still interesting as I don't see Brock being physically able to finish Fedor (A problem shared by all mortals.) Brock might lay and pray Fedor to a decision, but fat chance of anything else.