GSP didn't come here to fight...

At the bar tonight, I overheard this hot broad say "this isn't much of a fight..."

And I said "GSP doesn't come to fight...he comes to win."

Boring? Yeah, pretty much. But this guy DOMINATES his fights. No one has even come close, in a long time.

Nah, he fights not to lose and it's going to bite him in the ass some day

Saw on ESPN that he's won 24 or 26 consecutive rounds. That's street.

No that's boring - even my GF who is a HUGE GSP fan didnt like what she saw tonite - very disapointed.

dudley - No that's boring - even my GF who is a HUGE GSP fan didnt like what she saw tonite - very disapointed.

you must not be very technical.

GSP never seems boring to me, even in all his decisions. Something entertaining about seeing complete domination.

he should be thankful that he'll never have to compete against jamie varner, because varner comes to fight.

the dude was advancing position and attempted multiple subs, some of which he came close. he had a kimura that he could've cranked harder with and pulled an aoki. what more do you want?

I know, you guys want some forrest griffin-stephen bonnar toughman slopfest. just admit it.

he came to grapple!


Thunderlips The Ultimate Male - 

 It is hard for ALL fighters from any style to finish people at a high rate these days because everyone is good at everything.
The why do the real P4P fighters like Fedor and BJ finish just about every single fight?


Yup. Get rid of groundwork. Only allow punching and kicking. Funny no one's ever thought of making a sport like that ...

 He's the best, congrats to him on his victory! Brian Warren

lol @ not coming to win. Almost any other fighter other than Hardy would have walked out of that fight with a broken elbow (at least a popped capsule) and a torn shoulder. Fuckin TUF noobs are so retarded.

 He just exploits his opponents weaknesses. Exactly what he should be doing to win. In this case, Hardy's wrestling was his weakness and GSP was looking for a submission victory. He said it himself that Hardy's submission defense was much better than he expected.

To stand with Hardy would have been exciting for us to watch, but completely reckless and stupid for a defending champion who wants to keep his belt. Wasn't worth the risk.


 seriously, if GSP stood with Hardy and the unthinkable happened and he was KO'd or TKO'd, there would be 40 threads on how shitty his gameplan was

GSP tried finishing that fight on multiple occasions, who knew Dan Hardy can feel no pain?

At some point you'll have to stop detracting from GSP and give at least a small amount of credit to Dan Hardy for making it to a decision. His arm was nearly detached from his body multiple times in the fight and somehow he made it through.

Even though the fight was almost finished a few different times, I do wish GSP would have had some more GnP.

It takes a real fan to appreciate the clinic that GSP put on. Same with boxing. Only real fans can appreciate the superior technique and domination. Seems like it's the casual fans who want a 10 second knockout every fight.

^ correct and well said

Everyone was disappointed with GSP including myself, hopefully he doesn't continue this boring style and takes more risks.