GSP, dirty tactics?

I think the way GSP is ducking fighters ALL the time is a little shady. I mean, if you're training hard for a fight, having someone backout on you is way worse for you than having them thumb you in the eye, hold the fence, or even strike you to the back of the head.

When GSP says, "He couldn't handle my riddum." What he really mean was, "He can't handle the riddum of me telling him I'm going to fight, then backout, then tell him I'm going to fight him again."

That is just plain stressful, and is no doubt what got him the victory over Hughes, and we'll no doubt see him victorious against Serra now.

Seriously, I like GSP, I just wish he would fight fairly squarely.

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What if no one reffed the Chack and Tito fight and they fought to the dath?

What GSP is doing, is overtraining. He pulling his groin this summer from overtraining, and its possible he hurt his leg that way now as well. I mean why else would be he training that hard with well over 2 months left until his fight with a guy everyone is writing off already.

Tito has a similar problem with overtraining, but it seems he has that under control now, with experience.

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"do you fight injured? do you fight? a pulled groin sucks , a sprained knee sucks ....i dont see him ducking anyone .who would defend thier belt with those injurys? theres a diffrence between bieng hurt and injured."

I don't fight, but I train, and no I don't train injured, but it's also not my job. GSP has a job to do, and others are depending on him to do it. If I have the flu, I still go in to work because my co-workers would be overwhelmed with work if I weren't there to pick up the slack.

I've seen a lot of elite level fighters fight while injured or sick. GSP is not one of them.

LOL at GSP ducking Matt Sara. PLEASE

Some injuries you can fight with and some you can't. It's stupid and bad for the sport IMO.

Yes, fighting cans like Hughes and ducking Serra. That sounds about right.

Serra is like a custom victory for GSP. LOL@Needing to avoid that.

"Yes, fighting cans like Hughes and ducking Serra. That sounds about right. "

He ducked Hughes also, that's why Penn got to fight for the title. I'm saying that he is playing mind games with other fighters with his on-off-on tactics, or "riddum" as GSP likes to call it.

"if you train how can you compare going to be greeter at wal-mart with defending a title"

Seriously, LOL!

"Serra is like a custom victory for GSP. LOL@Needing to avoid that. "

Exactly my point. I think we all agree that GSP could beat Serra even if he had two bum knees. Why would he postpone the fight, other than to mess with Serra's mind.

Seriously, LOL!


No, seriously TROLL.



"Just exactly what kind of elite athlete are you to be making such bold statements, Nikcon"

I heard this stated on TUF (I think by Hughes). Real fighters are almost never 100%, but they tough it out and fight. They have heart. Also, Tito displayed the heart of a champion when he hung in there for his fight with Forrest, which he won. He had a knee injury, just like GSP.

Just like Chuck's knee injury I guess.



LOL @ GSP ducking anyone, much less Serra.

I call troll.

"I heard this stated on TUF (I think by Hughes). "

Yeah, Hughes said a lot of bullshit things on TUF.

Nikcon, Im the last person that condones coming on the forums and ripping into people for their opinions, but yours is pretty whacky and not very backed up by your words.

You can't SERIOUSLY compare being a professional fighter to working a normal Joe job. In fact, that suggestion kinda makes the rest of your points lose ANY credibility. Sorry.

The fact of the matter is that GSP, his camp, the UFC, his fans, and once again, ultimately GSP, demand so much out of him that he (they) won't settle for something that is half-ass. Would it be "tough" for him to go into the Serra fight with a bum knee, having poor training, shitty cardio (because you can't work out 100% with a bad knee), and then either 1 of 2 things: putting on a piss-poor performance (just to make MORE grumbling on the UG)

or 2: he loses the title he fought so hard for...then he comes out and says "hey guys, I had a knee injury a while back..."

It's enough prior notice to the fight that something can be quickly arranged. Both fighters aren't knee-deep in training, looking to peak, or refining their diets or prepping for cutting. I think it shows his ability to admit fault (or injury), which is rare with ANYONE at the top of the profession.

Good post Johnny Maza.