GSP eyes 2012 Olympics

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                                GSP eyes 2012 Olympics 

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In late 2007, Georges St. Pierre was preparing for the Olympic trials in hopes of making the Canadian wrestling team when he got a call from the UFC asking him to take an injured Matt Serra’s place against Matt Hughes. By accepting the fight, he put his dream of competing in the Olympics on hold. But, according to the immensely popular champion, that burning desire has not been extinguished.

St. Pierre, despite his lack of a collegiate pedigree, is widely recognized as the best wrestler in mixed martial arts, but how will that translate on wrestling’s international stage?

No one can be sure -- not even St. Pierre -- but he is adamant he would like to find out.

Noting his contractual status with the UFC and his need to word his response cautiously, St. Pierre discussed the difficulties he may encounter in his quest to compete in the London games.

“There is a big difference in me saying, ‘I want to go to the Olympic games,’ and actually going to the Olympic games,” said the 28 year-old welterweight champion. “It is very hard … you have to pass through a bunch of obstacles before you get there.”

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 i can't see him getting that good at wrestling by that time but who knows.  it would be pretty amazing if he did make it to the games. 

He definitely has a shot, considering how quickly he became the best wrestler at 170 (which is packed with awesome wrestlers).

I don't think he has much of a chance, but I'll be cheering for him anyways. MMA is just too different from pure wrestling, with so many other things to worry about. I think the odds are long but i guess stranger things have happened.

I'd rather see him in ADCC

Good luck to him. Would be a great story for MMA, another point of validation for the media-majority who still don't give our sport due respect.

i doubt he'll win a medal if he does compete in the olympics.


I am really excited for this to happen....hope it does...

If Kid couldn't make it, I doubt he will

He won't make the team. Fedor throws hard punches and has outstruck great strikers but put him in k1 and see how he long he goes undefeated.

There are variable aspects to wrestling other than takedowns that you aren't going to suddenly pick up because they have alot less to do with athleticism.

Defending a perfect gutwrench, knowing where you are on the mat and the situation every second of the match, and scoring nuances will destroy him.

he knows they will test for balco type designer steroids... but if he goes in clean - go for it

Not to mention, everyone in the olympics are insanely good. If he made the team, he would be cut into ribbons. It would be very impressive though

Naughty Gorilla - If Kid couldn't make it, I doubt he will

Kid missed the olympics because of an injury before the qualifiers so he didn't even have a chance to try getting there. And besides, Kid got outwrestled by Joe Warren.

Nicknitro - The guy outwrestled a D1 wrestling champion and All-American in Josh's possible.

Guys with Koscheck's credentials usually win gold medals

True, but that's with the added threat of striking. I'm not sure if he would out wrestle Koscheck if it were an Olympic rules wrestling match.

saerbarnet - And besides, Kid got outwrestled by Joe Warren.I don't follow wrestling, don't know much about it, so I did a little digging. Here's some interesting trivia:According to Wikipedia, Joe Warren is a 2006 Pan-Am and World Champ. He was favoured to win the 2007 World's and 2008 Olympics until he was suspended for two years, marijuana usage. Damn.

Edit: Sorry for the off-topic response... I think it'd be cool if BLAF let GSP take a couple years off to train, groom some new 170 lb talent, and then market the return of GSP in the Fall of 2012, NYE show or something.

is canada's wrestling team good?

 He should definitely try to qualify!  It would be great for the sport if a kid who has never wrestled, competed at the olympics!!!

I only follow wrestling as much as the average MMA geek on this board, but the difference between MMA wrestling and the elite levels of wrestling are considerable.

Plus, NCAA champs are a notch or two below Olympic wrestling. The pedigrees are insane. I would love to see him try but without being able to strike those guys are even harder to take down. Plus, the difference in levels between a top NCAA wrestler and an Olympic caliber guy is like the difference between between 100m sprinters. An NCAA champ might run a 9.95. An Olympic champ will be a tenth or more second faster (unless you're Usain Bolt, who is just a freak).

I'd like to see him try it but I seriously doubt he would be nearly as effective. It'd be a great story though and great for the sport's image.

BJJkilla - is canada's wrestling team good?

 .... no. but the canadian womens wrestling team won sum medals though..............

"He won't make the team. Fedor throws hard punches and has outstruck great strikers but put him in k1 and see how he long he goes undefeated."

Fedor would do well in K-1. K-1 kickboxers are shitty ass boxers so as long as Fedor can defend kicks he will do very well.