GSP Fans got ACL excuse?

Ive never seen any title contender that would blast fear in the heart of GSP and his glassjaw fans.

Dana white first used his power to save his goose with the golden eggs aka "#1 ppv p4p" when Nick arrived to the UFC
Dana switched fights in the excuse of (worried that he wont come for the fight) so he didn't take him out of the card..he just switched him to the CO MAIN EVENT!! (what if he didn't show up to that too? What difference did it make lol?)

Dana threw him to no one but the only guy who possesses the same weapons that Nick has (Bj Penn) let alone that he is a friend and former training partner. And GSP sat there watching and studying every move

Uncle Danny did not expect it would end this way(and ofc not in the this fashion that would make a UFC legend to get beat up to retirement in a UFC re-debut)
But GSP was not ready yet to face a guy who flipped the Prodigy to a submission the moment he took him down (if it wasn't for Bj's high Bjj level he would have been stuck in that choke)and the head of "PRODUCTS"Joe Silva already thought of an exit plan by placing another Greg Jackson fighter in the mix to have another Jon Jones=Rashad Evans fight switches as they like based on injuries since its easy to negotiate such plans with one camp...and what camp is more sleazy than Greg Jacksons??

And now...Dana and Joey S have no other choice but to put Their last defense line (Condit) and Greg to Analyze him for the last time...if he does destroy Condit (which he will) and beat its easy to say that GSP got defeated coz he's not the GSP once was...and they are right but it wasn't coz of the physical injury in training, its the mental injury that was once called The Serra Virus...

GSP is the biggest draw in the UFC and as u can see since Nick joined the ranks Dana made Edgar the number 2 P4P and start saying that Brazil is the new Mecca for MMA and not canada and now this ACL?? the math, homie Phone Post

This post is just as useless as your last one, fail. Phone Post

The first thread went so well, you thought you'd try again... good for you.

Irule - You should have stuck with the first post. At least you could have claimed that the Iphone cutting off your post made you seem like an idiot. Now we know it was you all along.

Ahhaha Phone Post

awwwh lets attack op for a forum i said
glassjaw fans..weak

They attacked you in the first thread for a malfunction. We are attacking you in this thread cause you're dumb. Diaz's last 4 fights were against 2 lightweights, a guy with a 18-15 record, and a guy who doesn't know how to spell wrestle, and GSP is scared and going for major ACL surgery for fun... <br /><br />Seriously, you are either a terrible troll or retarded.

Ummm, Nick will not even be competitive in the GSP fight and Condit has a serious chance for a KO victory.

Jackson's is not sleazy. They just have so much of the top talent that drama is inevitable.