GSP/Fitch Fight of the Night ?????????????????

Fight of the Night ?????

No Way. Maybe Beatdown of the Night in a tie with Lesnar/Herring but not Fight of the Night.

Just a chance for Dana to give GSP an extra $60K.

Maia/MacDonald at least had some back and forth action for FOTN honors.

Lately they seem more prone to give FOTN to the main event.  Kind of sucks because those guys are getting paid more anyway usually.  Bonuses should help pay the guys who perform who aren't getting paid very much.

MMABESTSPORTEVA - agreed. 120K in bonus money to Maia would not have been a smart move. Makes much more sense now. Thx

 Maybe he wanted to reward Fitch for surviving all that and GSP for being that agressive and dominant?

And reward GSP for being loyal to the UFC