GSP french Muy Thai Trainer or sparring?

I have just listen to the tapoutlive interview with GSP, BJ and Dana and GSP said that a very good Muy thai guy from France came to train with him for the BJ fight.

Does anyone know who is this guy? his name?

Thanks in advance

where can i listen

Kalle Mero - I think Cyrille Diabate trains with GSP.
Edit: But I may be wrong, don't know where I heard that.

nope..Cyrille train with Team Quest and Dan Henderson is not a big deal..I just wanted to see if I knew him

Thanks anyway

Phil Nurse is his usual MT coach who is fucking awesome. But he is Bahamanian. Check him out on youtube.

has it always been Phil Nurse?didnt he have that Russian Sniper that trained him for Matt Serra1 that he fired after he tapped out from strikes?


Are you going to compete in Spain this weekend?

 Denis Kang.

PrinceAlbert - jujubre

Are you going to compete in Spain this weekend?

nope...I would love too but i have not train seriously in at least 3 years.