gsp-hughes 3 in montreal on 4/7/07

huge for french canada and ppv i bet!

provided of course, chuckles, gsp beats matt serra!


Where did you get that news? Is it confirmed or just a rumor?

ufc has reserved the bell center for that date

If Hughes can pull off a victory I will be shocked and it would be an incredible way to top off his already amazing career. However GSP is just too damn good and I dont see Hughes doing any better than he did in the last fight. GSP will leave no question that the torch has been permanently passed.

I will laugh if Serra beats GSP and ruins Zuffas plans.


No way, some anonymous guy on the UG assured us it's not happening.



The live gate would be MASSIVE.

they really need to quit with the rematches already. other fighters need to be considered for shots at the title. how discouraging is it for some to keep winning fights but have to wait for guys to fight eachother 3 times before they get their shot. bullshit.

i am so going to this

See ya there!


We haven't signed for this date. There are still discussions whether it will happen this soon.

They should each fight one other guy first.


When would they need to know if Matt is fighting before scheduling the UFC in some other city?

Can't imagine they'd want to still have the show in MTL without Hughes-St.Pierre as the headline.

well if matt dont want it i hope its diego the coward