GSP launches fighters union.

According to tweet from Yves Lavigne Phone Post 3.0


In for new episode of "Dana's Friday Meltdown".

Dat mini picture that no one can read

Fucking eh!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Big news if true. Phone Post 3.0

If it's true I hope it gains traction Phone Post 3.0


In early Phone Post 3.0

Wow if true. I always thought this is what GSP should do if he truly said he wanted to change the sport

Good for GSP. The fighters make the sport, not the promoters. Phone Post 3.0

Completely fake, GSP has nothing to do with this.

In... teresting.


Well, wait.

Yves Lavigne tweeted a picture of a letter, which I'm unable to place into google translate but the tweet's title seems to be posing a question: "A union for fighters led by GSP?"

Can someone translate the letter?


no way!

Dana's going to shit a chicken over this if true Phone Post 3.0

I call BS Phone Post 3.0

Wow! Phone Post 3.0

I always knew I loved GSP more than anything (except maybe my wife and dogs).

Can anyone name me who the promoter Was for the Top ten fights in boxing history? boxing fan really cares if it Was golden boy,Top rank or Don king. Phone Post 3.0

Now he'll never get into the UFC hall of fame