GSP likes women the same way Micheal Jackson did

They can name their child Kal-El…


Yes, he is in perpetual “Dark place”…


He is. JackMerridew is just taking a very poor and hypocritical angle to troll with.


Tried to flow with him, to look where it will take

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There’s a video of Michael Jackson shopping at some antique/art shop in Vegas while Martin Brashir interviews him. Michael spends millions in a matter of minutes of various vases, gold chess sets, etc. Half of the store is other stuff that he has already bought but they hadnt shipped to him yet. Brashir asks him if he is buying any of the stuff as gifts, and Michael says that one thing is for Elizabeth Taylor and something else if theres a girl he likes. Michael was like 37 then and it was incredibly weird. Like he was 10 years old.


I saw that. He also wanted to visit with that Home Alone kid and then gave the chaperone that was with him a couple of hundred k to go spend so he could have “alone” time with him.


As in he was in a few pics with them? Micheal Jackson actually married white women and impregnated them, artificially.

Nobody believe this brotha.

Off topic but that is fucking weird that Michael Jackson would go that route for his children…

Putting my tin foil hat on now… wonder if it was because of Racial reasons or because maybe he couldn’t do it the old fashoined way for one sinister reason or another… I need Eddie Bravo to look into it

He’s not gay he’s just french and he likes the chocolate so I don’t think so. Just don’t get same creep vibes that MJ put out.

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How can you blame Michael for the way he acted when he was older? He had no real child hood. All he knew was music. His dad was physically and emotionally abusive to him and his siblings growing up.

Of course he didn’t know how to act when he got older.

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If he wants to fuck guys, let him fuck guys. IDGAF. If that’s what he’s in to.

Dudes buttholes don’t do it for me, but more power to him.


He isn’t even the biological father of those children i think one of his doctors actually was.

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Bitches can’t handle his riddum


GSP isn’t gay he’s french, french Canadian. They are super super feminine, maybe the most feminine culture in the world… But they are horny as fuck and are promiscuous, love to fuck women.


Yep this is Jacko’s daughter no doubt about it…


Good for you OP, that means you have a chance.

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You’re just mad GSP would have beaten Khabib in wrestling and striking

All the French people I know smoke cigarettes. He smokes peckers.

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She’s even blacker than him