GSP needs to fight like Matt Riddle

That's the only thing missing from his game. If you take a chance and get Serra'd again I am pretty sure Georges will get another fight.

you mean 95% of GSP's strikes should hit air?

you mean he should stop being throwing precise strikes and fight on the undercard?

You mean he should throw more flying knees, only to get a fist in his mouth? Phone Post

You mean he should taunt his opponent to come forward after he himself keeps getting lit up?

All of the above with a little Sean Salmon thrown in.

Ironyuppie, is your real name Matthew Riddle? Phone Post

Great idea!

Hahaha quite possibly the stupidest shit I have ever read.

 He is making fun of the trolls that want GSP to stand and wang.

You mean he should shadowbox most of the time to try to scare off his opponent