GSP now

Ok, I will try to Explain this the best i can. Look at all the fighters that fought Hughes, and hughes beat. which are very good fighters.
Do you think those same fighters if they fight GSP would Be Beaten by GSP (other then Penn). Not saying GSP isn't a Great fighter by far.


You mean like Trigg or Sherk?

I'd say the answer is ummmm.... yes.

Yes end of thread. Now go and learn when to use capitalization.

Name someone that Hughes has beaten that you think would give St. Pierre trouble. Asides from Penn.

Royce Gracie, and maybe Riggs and sherk. I will Keep my mouth shut next time


um...gsp already beat sherk. tko from strikes in the second round.


Hey chiclets,
I think if BJ trained cardio the way he would need to in order to dominate at WW, he wouldn't be heavy enough to compete at WW. The guy is a beast, technical, flexible, and tough, and may win at WW, even fighting under that weight, but the cardio may make him too light to compete. I could be wrong though. JKB

GSP will not beat BJ again..........

Oh & GSP would smash any of Hughes last 40 or so opponents

There is only one person who can beat StPierre and that's Penn.

GSP actually finished Sherk a feat that NO ONE, including Hughes, has EVER managed.

GSP manhandled sherk.