GSP out for UFC 67



conspiracy theory: Dana tells GSP to drop the fight "due to knee" injury. Serra has to fight Diego or Matt Hughes winner than gets GSP, in return GSP's first title defense will be in Montreal.

That would be funny if Ortiz vs. Shamrock III hadn't already happened. I think you meant Ortiz vs. Shamrock IV?

Since the TUF4 contract stated Serra would have a "title fight", he will not fight at UFC 67. IMO they will simply reschedule the Serra vs. GSP fight for UFC 68.

To take the place of that fight on the card, I'd like to see Diego Sanchez vs. either Matt Hughes or BJ Penn. The winner of that could get teh winner of the GSP vs. Serra fight (in other words GSP).

Do you think he's really hurt? Or do you think this is just Dana scheming a guaranteed title defense in Montreal since Matt doesn't want the fight yet?

karmaandsuch: "serra didnt earn his shot"

How do you figure?

He won the competition, and first prize is a title shot. By definition, he earned his shot.


I thought they have already canceled the Montreal show this year?