GSP, please stop doing the backflip...

or this might happen...

Back Flip Drip



HAHAHA, awesome!
Not even close.

his back flip attempt after match with Jay Hieron was hilarious. he landed on his elbows and knees.

I cant get enough of this video. lol

video needs more cowbell.

GSP needs to remember that his celebration comes after a fight, unless he gets a quick 1st or 2nd Round finish then he needs to go for a less physically demanding post fight celebration.

Maybe he should do a somersault or the robot

I'm waiting for crazy horse bennett to land on his head from the top rope lol.

 Great video!

the noise he makes after falling on his head is priceless


 I thought it was going to be this one:


LOL @ the noise he makes...AWSOME !

Reminds me of Carl Edwards from nascar which I also think is totally lame. He should have a break dancer teach him the screw or something cool.