GSP Promises to "Break" Penn

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I was apprehensive about this fight, but now I can't wait for it.

 BJ just told GSP to "GO FUCK YOURSELF" on the countdown show....

Actually he told Firas to go fuck himself. Its total jerkoff in my eyes on BJ's part.

 I have it on in the backround....I need to rewatch it -

"This plan" that GSP is referring to...

It sounds like GSP is planning on taking BJ down and submitting him...

Would be interesting... but would make sense... GSP likes tackling the strength of whatever opponent he is fighting: (i.e. sherk, koscheck, hughes)...

every good story needs a villain and a hero. BJ has willingly taken the part of the villain and hyped this fight 100x more than GSP, the hero, could have done. BJ is a hyping genius and i can't wait for this fight.


biglove1973 - lol at editing and directing. BJ is the bad guy, its fucking TV!!!!!!!!!!!

Explain how "go fuck yourself", "GSP is a quitter", etc are comments out of context due to editing.

BJ has hyped the fight. He admitted at the end of the last episode that his big talking is what got him this no lose opportunity. It's no extra hype to any real fans, because they were going to watch this fight regardless.

I don't think BJ will tap either

I can't believe people actually think GSP can sub Penn. That is the least likely scenario. There's a better chance that they would both simultaneously knock each other out with flying knees than GSP submitting Penn.

If anyone can DESTROY Penn it is GSP, I see that happening in this fight. I think GSP goes in at the opening bell takes Penn down and beats the crap out of him, ala Serra type beating.

I don't see Penn sub'ing GSP, the only thing that worries me about GSP is when he throws his left he lunges and dips to the right and is always wide open. Sherk took advantage of that a little and BJ's hands are much better than Sherks.

Sorry, but BJ is not Serra and this fight will in no way resemble that one. Serra's takedown defense sucks, his striking sucks. Talk about size diference, Serra is way shorter and I would even say that BJ has better BJJ for MMA than Serra. As for GSP submitting BJ, I don't think there is a chance in hell. I hope that is GSP's plan because I think that is the only way BJ can win the fight aside from landing a hay maker. BJ will not win a decision or a stand up war. GSP better not be sloppy because the people he trains with are not BJ's caliber.

GSP is more dynamic and stronger than he was at the War of 04 against BJ. I believe that he will keep BJ guessing which will ultimately take BJ out of his game plan. I don't think BJ has the cardio or the heart to last 5 rounds. It will be a war that GSP will win.

GSP delivers on his promise