Gsp replaces Brock

as the great white hope. Now GSP is a god because he beat Kosheck the second TUF alumni in a row. Beating Kosheck is one thing. Beating Anderson Silva is something else.

GSP is the champ at winning rounds

GaGas Soldier - GSP is the champ at winning rounds

...and fights,and belts,and respect for the sport of MMA.I'm sure you can find a tough man contest in your area that would fulfill all your needs though.

sorry if im opposed to mma turning into ultimate takedowns or ultimate pointfighting but i appreciate watching real warriors like Wanderlei and Shogun fight

Chuck, Aldo, BJ

guys who arent thinking about the judges every second of the fight but who are there to fight to finish. Makes a big difference in my book. Sorry if my opinion hurts any ones feelings

i remember reading somewhere ...that shogun didnt like to spar hard,,,,cause he wanted a long career that doesnt sound like a real warrior to me gsp is all about getting better everytime out

Lol at Bj penn. I'm sure you thought he'd finish Frankie both times also. Dip shit!! Gaga is a butthurt troll Phone Post

 um, GSP is basically cleaning out his division!

Cool story bro!

Am I the only one that thinks GSP would mop the floor with A Silva? It seems to me that GSP has beat way better fighters than Silva. Can you name a "legend" that Anderson has beat? Cuz I can name two that GSP has beaten twice. GSP has done nothing but mop the floor with opponents for the last 3 years without a hiccup. Silva has fought a couple tough opponents and a whole lotta chumps in a less than stellar weight class. I just don't see how Silva holds a candle to Georges honestly. I mean he is very talented, no doubt, but I also think his level of competition has been questionable.