GSP/Serra not official yet?

The UFC 67 card on only has Silva/Lutter listed. You think maybe they're pushing back GSP/Serra to April so GSP can have a relatively easy homecoming fight in Montreal?

oh, and the words on all fight posters always say "fighers subject to
change." i think it would be smart to bump GSP to Montreal...

LOL at this dipshit KKM-of-the-month trying to shit-talk me for no reason whatsoever.

"Tomato don't u train with Renzo?"

No, I don't train at Renzo's anymore.

The official website is UFC.TV

LOL i guess its dotcom again. I never go there

I already knew that, of course.

I'm not sure where all this hostility is coming from, I posed a simple question about the possibility of a fight being postponed after noticing that the fight isn't listed on the UFC website. Apparently being told that such a possibility is unlikely constitues "pwnage" these days.

P.S. I partially take it back, I do know where officedrone's hostility is coming from.

LOL at CIX's atrocious C-level pwnage attempts. They're almost as bad as my usual D-level pwnage attempts, which officedrone experienced a few weeks ago.

I predict both Silva and GSP by fatality....

Insano X and officedrone are total assholes.

With that out of the way I don't think the Serra fight will be postponed since the Montreal show is cancelled.

TTT for this sorry display by Locust Drive. Uh, I mean Captain Insano. My bad.