GSP/Shields will look worser than GSP/Fitch!

Georges is going to HAMMER Shields.

Shields has zero stand up.

And he isn't explosive enough to get GSP down.

GSP is going to beat Jake down so bad it won't be nice to watch.

Ghan, don't be silly.

I'd put money on Hughes beating Shields, let alone GSP.

 I hope GSP wins. I just have my concerns on the ground.

Mind you everytime GSP fights I get concerned. Everytime he delivers.

OP, i bet you said the same thing before the Shields-Hendo fight.

GSP is so much better than him in every aspect that I'm actually worried he might lose. But then of course, like Dream Crusher said earlier, GSP delivers.

 jake will finish gsp.

Joe_Leduc - OP, i bet you said the same thing before the Shields-Hendo fight.


GhostofaWarrior - Worser? Really? <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>


Listen GSP RUINS fighters.

He has put on some nasty beatdowns over the last few years.

Shields went all the way with Mayhem (although GSP did like 5 years ago).

Shields is ranked about 5th in the ufc ww division.

I'll bump this thread in due time.

Shields has great takedowns, especially on the fence, and he's a monster once he gets top control. He's also a very intelligent fighter. I am big GSP fan but I see the danger coming from Shields.



sheilds is  a worser fighter than GSP.

GSP/Sheilds will likely look worser than GSP/Serra II.

as long as gsp is breathing at the end he gets the decision, even if he is thouroughly dominated. Elmer fudd has alraedy annointed gsp as his golden boy, it will cost to much to have him lose.


Please learn to read and write before posting.

"worser"=I am retarded

shields is WAY stronger than ppl think with excellent tech. gsp actually does not have great bjj. to think he is a real black belt with his minor league finish attempts on hardy. he had those locked and sealed and did not know how to do them correctly. makes me wonder how much he gets by in practice on being more athletic/stronger/better conditioning.

GSP vs Fitch was a good, and exciting fight.

I thought this thread would be more gooder

Caught_clean - I thought this thread would be more gooder


 i expect it to look like josh vs gsp did