GSP should be promoted !!

bjj promotions should have little to nothing to do with mma performances.

I think st pierre and Diego would be a awesome fight.

As great as Gsp looks on the ground I think you have to give the edge to Diego here.

Diego has won grappling tournies and I think will have more tools on the ground

St pierre gets the edge in standup and probably strength even though diego is strong too.

He wears his gi rather proudly it seems, why not discuss this (LOL@the hating). Silva got his black belt on the basis of his MMA performances.

I think MMA is the best place to work out JUST how good your BJJ is IMO.

I totally disagree.

How would GSP do vs a 170lb BJJ black belt in a BJJ match with the gi on?

If he still dominates in sport BJJ, then yeah give him the black belt. But something tells me he does not care about sport BJJ and just wants to fight MMA. Thus he doesn't train much for it and probably wouldnt do so great.

Just because a guy does great in MMA doesn't mean he should automatically get a BJJ black belt. Trigg beat down Machado and Charuto, should he get a BJJ black belt? Of course not, he is no where near technical enough in the gi game to be considered even a brown belt. (btw, I am just assuming, I don't know how good Trigg's gi game is)

MMA is not BJJ.

If you go around giving away BJJ rank to people who succeed in a different sport, that will mess up the whole meaning of a BJJ black belt.

Hey there probably isn't a BJJ black belt on earth who could beat Golata in a boxing match, go give Golata a BJJ black belt!

BJJ black belt doesnt mean "tough guy fighter", it means "someone who is at an expert level in BJJ".

I know that Ivan Menjivar (training partner of Georges') has an official rank of blue belt (At least he had it coming into the UFC, maybe he's been promoted) but he commented that that belt has little to do with his skill level since he trains almost exclusively no-gi/BJJ and just doesn't get promotions anymore. I would assume GSP is in the same boat.

I think he wears the gi in his ring entrances much like he wears the kyokushi headband; out of respect for the rich tradition of martial arts and their culture.

And seriously guys, who gives a flying fruit what his belt is in BJJ? The dude's a fucking monster and that's what matters. You could stick a white belt on him, a black belt, or a pink belt (as forrest griffin would say), and the monster he is won't change.

Besides, he doesn't need a BJJ black belt, he's a 3rd dan in kyokushin!! ;)

In the immortal words of Royce Gracie (and I'm no Gracie fan, mind you, but this is true wisdom), "A belt only covers two inches of your ass. You have to cover the rest."

bjjfighter19, elgringo and perchdogg are all correct. bjj promotion has mainly to do with your skills with the GI. Thats the tradition and protocol in bjj. the only exception may be if your win ADCC division as a brown, then sometimes you get promoted to black.

By the way I train with GSP and I know that if he wanted to take his bjj to that next level he would do it, but the guy also focuses on his stand up and wrestling just as much.

if anyone wants to know about GSP and others training in montreal see here:


Festering Drippage is correct. He's homely, but correct.

I love how people who don't even train... let alone instruct, try and hand out belts. Funny shit.

anything Diego can do St Pierre can do better and a whole different level. St Pierre would do to Diego what he does to everyone else.

I look forward to the day that GSP faces Diego Sanchez, or Matt Hughes, or Karo again, or anybody else for that matter because he is a lot of fun to watch.

As to his belt rank. He is a purple belt here at BTT-GAMMA. He got it a little over a year ago. He still has to work hard when training with the brown belts here when he works gi (yes he works gi techniques too!!!). And with Fabio Holanda (resident BTT Black Belt), but his evolution is incredible and as far as MMA is concerned, he rocks. MMA is not BJJ. He has a black belt in Kyokushin karate too. That doesn't count in BJJ either. All things will come. It would probably matter a lot more if he was teaching, but his concentration is on training now. In fact he gave up his limited teaching responsibilities recently to that end.

As to the guy who wondered about Matt Hughes ability to tap a BJJ black belt with an armbar, does that mean that if he taps one out that they have to give it back?

St Pierre is obvioulsy a great purple belt

GSP should be promoted to a higher BJJ belt becuase of his use of wrestling and bjj in an mma fight against an opponent who's proven that he connot defend his back?

not following the logic there.

id bet St Pierre would school 99.9 percent of purples his weight in jujitsu

Whoa, so St. Pierre is BTT! Thanks for the info, Sled Dog.

And who cares what his BJJ belt is. Does it make him any more or less of a bad-ass?

I gotta agree with the people saying that MAA != BJJ. Trigg has shown a complete inability to defend his back. I could school my friend's little brother all day long, and loot slick doing it, but it doesn't mean that I should get my purple belt. I would think that whoever actually trains GSP in jiu jitsu would have a pretty good grasp on what skill level he is at.

If he can perform all of the requirements of a BJJ BB in a belt test then he should get a Brown belt. If he can't then he shouldn't.

The bottom line is he is a scary MMArtist. Belts in a particular discipline don't matter.
He would be a high blackbelt in MMA if there was such a thing.