GSP summed it all up!

Gotta love that guy for saying the way he sees it.

Just walks in after Hughes pulls of a lucky win over Penn who completely owned him the first two rounds, and says:

"Congratulations on your win, but I was not impressed with your performance"

I just cracked up laughing. Truer words could not be spoken, Hughes was speechless.

There was no luck involved. Two great fighters going at it one got stronger as the fight went on and the other gassed. There was no luck involved. One fighter wanted a quick win (again) went really hard for two rounds (looked amazing) and couldn't finish the other fighter (who has a huge heart). The other fighter came in for a 5 round war, lost the first two rounds but as he said there were three left. Controlled BJ completely on feet and ground in the third...where does this luck mentioned come to play?

Congrats to Matt he is a great champion and great roll model for young fighters (hard work pays off).


What weaknesses did you see in Hughes game during his fight with BJ?

Hands were much improved
Defended against BJ's subs (and BJ has better subs than GSP)
Gained top position
Passed BJ's guard
Controlled BJ on the ground
Threw some good leg kicks.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pulling for georges in the rematch, but what I saw was an impressive Hughes.

In fact, Hughes' biggest weakness seems to be his sub defence, but compare Georges' sub game to Charuto's or BJ's and I think you'll agree that Georges isn't finishing this one with a sub from teh bottom.

IMHO, if Georges wants to win the rematch, he has to take advantage of his takedowns to move immediately to side or 1/2 guard before Hughes has a chance to settle into guard. This has been a weakness of sorts with George's takedowns, in that he'll get his opponent down, but not take advantage of the takedown to improve position. Had he done so with Hughes in the first fight, off the first takedown, he might have done some significant damage. Instead, Hughes neutralized him from guard.

my 2c


I agree 100%, but how does that translate to weaknesses that GSP can exploit? The fact that Hughes couldn't get the takedown or effectively GnP says more about BJ's strengths than about Hughes's weakneses, no?

Ahh, I'm just being contrary for contrarinesses sake. Next I'll be correcting grammar.

Looking forward to the rematch -- will be a nailbiter

If you cakll that great striking Matt will learn the hard way against GSP.The only reason Penn only stood with GSP is because he uses his thumbs.

Where exactly did BJ own Hughes in that fight? I just watched it and it looked close to me, I had the first round even and the 2nd I gave to Hughes (barely).

"Matt couldn't get BJ down and his GnP was effectively neutralized"

Matt did get BJ down once and his GnP looked good in round 3 when he finished the fight. Big John obviously felt BJ was taking punishment.

Hughes' expression was like a deer cought in headlights halfway through the first round when he discovered he couldn't out-strike, out-wrestle, or take BJ down like he's used to doing with other opponents.

2nd round BJ was even more impressive with BJ completely dominating Hughes. Hughes was saved by the bell in the first and second rounds.

Third round BJ walked in obviously injured, he couldn't move. It's not hard to beat someone when they can't move, hence luck on Hughes' side for the win. Round 3 was the only time Hughes did anything in the fight, and it was against an injured BJ.

Separated ribs can happen anytime, and lady luck played her hand to rescue Hughes. I have no idea why Hughes' apologists think he did anything exceptional.

The fact that he defended several submission attempts does not impress me. It would impress me if he actually attempted some submissions. It's like the lion and the zebra. just because the zebra outruns the lion 9 out of 10 times, doesn't make the zebra king of the jungle.

In this fight BJ was the lion, Hughes got lucky plain and simple, hence GSP's coment of Hughes getting the win but not looking impressive holds true.

lol...Matt beats one of the best fighters in the world and people aren't impressed. Matt looked good to me as he held Penn down and fed him elbows repeatedly.

bj penn separated his ribs on his ride side when he took matt's back, according to his website

even after that, he still believed it was his destiny to win, but is still very gracious in defeat. bj penn is the man.

other then that, i have nothing to say except GSP GSP GSP.

Why is it that the newbs always make the most outrageous posts?

I have to agree with the previous poster, BJ X Hughes is history now, the future is GSP!

I think he has everything to beat Matt. He ahs better striking, he has the takedowns and takedown defenses, and IMO better ground.

It's true that Matt has improved since they last fought, but I believe GSP has improved even more. They both have heart, but GSP has hunger.

I say in a 5 round bout, Matt wins the first 2, but in the 3rd, GSP turns the table and breaks Matts spirit and knocks him out in the 4th.

the thing is if a guy is injured or gasses in a fight that is the way it goes. That IS the fight game and can be attributed to his opponent.

I like BJ for the amazing talent he displays, and just how natural of a fighter he is. Some of the things he does to the people he does them to are just amazing.

But, let's not kid ourselves. If BJ got injured, it wasn't because he slipped in the warmup area. Going against a guy like Matt with the size difference is nuts, and those first 2 rounds showed the skill difference. Who knows what would have happened had Big John let the fight go after the eye gouge like in so many Lidell fights. But in the end, Matt won. I'm not a huge Hughes fan, but he showed a Champ's heart in that fight and deserved the win.


Well said C-Hamzeh.

Gil Castillo made a post on the UG about the fight. he sums up how I feel pretty much, except for the thumb in the eye thing.

I don't get all heated up over a debate on the internet about who can beat up who. Fact is, they can all kick my ass! RESPECT goes out to all of them, and as a FAN i choo choo choose GSP. either way, all three of those guys are incredible.

I plan to move up in weight and fight Canario.

I hope you'll all be as impressed.

You guys are missing the point GSP made:

Hughes won the fight, but his performance was unimpressive.

I agree with GSP's analysis.

Come on, you call that finishing Penn?

Penn was injured fighting both guys actually.

Hughes = rib.

GSP = hand.

I will say this much, BJ has nuts and has become a fave fighter of mine.

I like Hughes and GSP but BJ lets it all hang out and goes for broke and challenges himself like a madman.

I love it!

I would disagree.

BJ said he hurt it taking Matt's back. I guess Matt did injure him then.

LOL! Come on, I think Matt is an awesome champ, but Bj has nuts the size of cantalopes.

4 weeks to train for a fight of that magnitude? Coming up in weight? Fighting a guy who drops to that weight and is one of the best on the world?

Come on man, give a little!

what hughes shouldv'e said was, "your face looked worse than mine did when you faught him, and i got to finish him so stfu"