GSP to Fight in Montreal

According to Sportsnet GSP will face Condit at UFC 154 in Montreal, this November.

From UFC Twitter:
Dana says GSP is good to go for the November fight in Montreal barring complications

(Complications being the key word...)

 he's been good to go in 2 other occasions as well...  hopefully he makes it this time so we can get some order in the ww division.

 I hope so, too bad there is zero animosity in this fight. Should still be good though.

Good for Montreal anyhow, GSP on the card guarantees a strong live crowd.

Awesome. It will also be exciting to see how GSP performs after major surgery.

sparkyman -  I hope so, too bad there is zero animosity in this fight. Should still be good though.

I've never had a problem with fighters not having animosity towards each other in a fight. As long as it doesnt keep them from holding back on their punches, I'm all for it. Scott Smith and Pete Sell is a great example of this. In one respect though it was awesome to see them high five and enjoy the hell out of themselves but I'm also not a fan of having that much fun when you're fighting for, in some degree, your career. GSP and Condit though I cant imagine high fiving each other mid fight. Both of these guys come and get down to business.

Very excited to finally see GSP back in there, I just hope his injury hasnt affected him too bad.

I'm hoping November isn't too rushed for his knee. I'd like to see him fight as close to 100% as possible.

GSP will never be the same fighter again.

Colboyo - GSP will never be the same fighter again.

I agree Phone Post

Why are people talking about GSP facing Diaz? Are you trolling? A) Diaz lost the fight to face GSP and B) Diaz has been suspended. GSP will be facing Condit. Am I just missing the context?

As for GSP being the same fighter? It doesn't matter what anyone thinks is going to happen, all the matters is what happens when GSP gets back in the Octagon. People should reserve judgement until after they've seen him fight again.

Personally I like both fighters. I'm just hoping for an exciting fight.

Downhill from here GSP it was boring while it lasted thanks!

So much GSP hate it's remarkable. He's lost what 1 round in his last 9 fights?

Koscheck x 2

That's 3 times less than your GOAT Silva lost in one fight. Not to mention the 2 losses in his UFC career he destroyed both guys (Serra/Hughes obviously) in the rematch.

Beat Penn so bad last time BJ went from #2 or #3 on most people's PFP list to not even in the conversation.

Hope the knee is as close to 100% as possible.