GSP v Serra = No Contest

When Matt Hughes cried that BJ Penn thumbed his "eye" unintentionally- Big John jumps in to save him.

When Matt Hughes Cried that GSP kicked him in the "groin" unintentionally- Big John was all over that- giving Matt as much time as he needed to recover.

Now GSP, in plain view of Big John, gets clubbed in the back of the head (illegal strike) unintentionally, not once but twice, thereby setting up the beat down ending in TKO- Big John just sits there watching????

My point is that he jumps in to save the whiner even when he does not see it happen (which is obvious because the 2 examples above, the alleged offence did not happen) but when it happened in plain view to a non-whining foreigner = bullshit = no contest.

Can you smell that? It smellz like a conspiracy brewing...

^ haha, dude its been a few days get over it, he landed that shot it happened, what can u do, GSP will come back a better fighter like he has done b4, Serra will get some much deserve fame and get a chance to test his skills against hughes, karo, kos... and let that be the end of it...

big john charges rip off classes at his school or what? i didnt even know he had one

the last guy I argued with who was saying what you were saying was trolling and caught me. I think I'll stay out of this one.

Serra beat him, get over it...BUT

I still would like to know how in the world Arlovski's win over Pe de Pano was able to hold up.

Man, it still gets better and better. I love this place!

LMFAO! Now it's Big John's fault!

priceless :)

GSP= one of my favorite fighters

He lost, the punch to the back of the head was not intentional and one more thing. GET OVER IT!

He got punched in the head and lost.

GSP should have pulled a Renzo and pretended to faint.

see Lukas Maximus" thread

IF you guys are really GSP fans you should stop whining about the loss, he isn't making any claims that the hits were illegal. He admits openly he lost fairly squarely, you should to.


Sir Toppem Hat says that Thomas the Engine has been shovelling crack into his coal-burner.

^^^ true...

Go Read Cummo's thread about this then STFU

ohh just so you don't say Cummo is biased Kirik verifies Cummo's statements

after watching it several times, it is not a direct shot to the back of the head, clearly a tough job to stop the fight over that kind of hit.

"clearly a tough job to stop the fight over that kind of hit"

Hughes would have put his arms up in the air and looked to Big John "Big John, he just hit me in the back of the head! Do something or I'll tell Dana". Big John would have rushed Serra aside to give him the speech - "I know you didnt mean to but you are hitting the all times greatest int he back of the head" and give Hughes time to recover.

To be the greatest of "all times" you must whine as well as be connected.

TTT for Serra victory w/ Asterisk

The shot that started it all definetly landed to the back of the head. An immediate re-match is fair IMO.