GSP vs Condit and Penn vs Diaz are better matchups

This is great for the fans! These new match ups are fantastic. With Penn and Diaz having such great ground games I'm guessing we'll see a stand up war between these 2. Well maybe Diaz isn't as good as Penn on the ground but its gonna be tough for him to get Nick down. With GSP and Condit, watching how Condit performed on the ground against Don H Kim, I think this will be a real test for GSP and imo he hasn't had one in a while. October is gonna be a wild month of fights and a great time to be an MMA fan! Phone Post

I agree with the better matches but damn I wanted to see Nick vs GSP anyways. This is like a 4 man tournament so maybe they could end up fighting anyways

diaz vs penn is a good matchup

condit vs gsp is a mismatch

I like the fights how there were originally. I think Condit had a shot against BJ and Diaz had a very good shot at GSP.