GSP vs DALEY, Jan. 2--Zuffa, Make It Happen!

"My injury is 100 per cent now, I'm ready to go."--GSP,

Make the January 2 card a true super card again by adding GSP vs Paul Daley. GSP, uh, I mean, the winner can fight the winner of Hardy/Swick.


Stupid fight. Daley will get taken down and pounded.

why? Daley's had one fight. I doubt he even wants a title fight with the best welterweight in the world right now. UFC needs to build him up, they need to build up Condit too, which is why I'm surprised they're fighting each other already.

besides, GSP is too long for Daley, he'll have a  hard time getting in on him. GSP will just take him down if he ever gets nervous.

blue63 - What the fuck has Paul Daley done to deserve a title shot over the winner of hardy / swick????

He needs to worry about Condit first..

 The same thing if Swick would have done that would have gotten him a title shot. If Swick beat Kampmann, he would have received a title shot. Daley handed Kampmann his ass.

um no thanks

nogidavid - paul is a good friend, but even i'd like to see him build his name in the ufc before a title shot

 this..... i agree.

GSP destroys him with ground and pound, but at this point I think most the WW division stands nothing but a puncher's chance against GSP and Daley has a better puncher's chance than most.

It would be a repeat of GSP vs Alves.

I'd like to see Alves vs Daley.

Edit: Daley gets submitted on the ground quick.

Herring In A Fur Coat - It would not be a repeat of GSP vs Alves.  No way Daley survies 5 rounds off his back like Alves did.

Up until this week, I thought Shields would be the most interesting matchup for St. Pierre.  Sadly now there are no interesting matches left for him at WW.

Id like to see a FItch rematch, but with Fitch's inability to finish anybody and the UFC not giving him anyone with any name value. I dont think that will happen

Don't care who the opponent is, but want to see GSP back in the cage damn soon. Would like to see him fight 2-3 times next year at least.

 Is Nog vs Carwin really the main event?

My point was to have a GSP fight on the show. I just figured Daley was available. I don't care who GSP fights, just whether or not he fights on January 2.