GSP vs Dan Hardy = Anderson Silva vs Patrick Cote

Really tough sell for Dana & Co.

How the hell are they going to hype this and pawn this fight off on their fans as a main event of a pay per view?

Horrible match-making.

Basically the same as trying to sell Anderson vs Cote/Leites, etc. The division is cleaned out and the only fights that make sense are rematches. Better fights for Anderson would have been Marquardt or Hendo.

Better fights for GSP would be Fitch and even Alves.

Shitty fight IMO

Its a shit fight, but I mean, its not that hard to sell, people will tune in simply because of the star that GSP is, the hardcore fans will more than likely tune in to see if Hardy can pull off a Serra. The halfway in between fans will tune in to see if the run of dominance continues on his way to unseat matt hughes as the longest running WW champion of all time.

You're a Idiot. It's a sport you tool. He earned his shot beating good opponents in the UFC.

Dawkins - You're a Idiot. It's a sport you tool. He earned his shot beating good opponents in the UFC.

I'm a idiot?

You are honestly going to sit there and say that Dan Hardy is going to give GSP a better fight than rematches with Fitch or Alves?

I have a hard time imagining Hardy get past Matt Hughes or Paul Daley, let alone Fitch/Alves.

He doesn't deserve the title fight. Period.

thread title actually makes a lot of sense

They can sell the mohawk

 GSP's loss to Serra makes this fight a little bit easier to sell than Silva vs. Cote

I agree with most of u but who should the UFC have fight GSP...seems easy to complain but is there really anyone desrving, he seems to have a dominance like A. Silva.

Yes, you're a idiot. No one gave him much of a chance against Swick and he owned him for three rounds.

Marketing wise their trying to build up the U.K. and they will get the PPV buys overseas. I will watch to see GSP smash another opponent with ease.

Dawkins - Yes, you're a idiot. No one gave him much of a chance against Swick and he owned him for three rounds.

Who the fuck cares about Mike Swick?

His #1 contender fight with Kampmann was laughable to begin with.

Like the poster above said, Hardy needs more fights. He is getting thrown to the wolves with this one.

Wins over Swick and Marcus Davis are not enough to be up for a title shot before Jon Fitch.

 Definitely a sellable fight.  More sellable if Hardy was able to find the finish Sat. night. but sellable nonetheless.

And yes, Dan Hardy has EARNED this title shot.  So for those who do not need WWE style fabricated storyline to get excited for a fight, it has already been sold - bought - paid for - and now we are just waiting for the delivery.

It's a fight folks.  GSP is looking pretty unstoppable up until now, but everyone loses eventually.  Good Job Dan, and GL.

I think they kept saying "potential" opponent for GSP. Even though GSP came in the ring, it didn't have the feel that they usually have.

I bet they are waiting to see the Kos vs Rumble fight before they lock anything in for sure.

Hardy is 4-0 in the UFC... but 2 of them were split decisions.. 3 of them decisions.

But is anyone else on a better streak?

inf0 - Let's see Hardy vs Fitch or Daley..... if he wins then he's ready.

I agree 100% inf0 but who does GSP fight next if this would be the case with hardy?

its gonna be "their toughest challenge yet!" just like every competitor they go against

I like Daley, but he was coming off a loss in the MFC before his one win in the UFC. He's not even close to a title shot. Hardy earned his shot beating a guy with only 1 loss in the UFC, and that was in the 185 division. I don't understand the hate.

hardy hasn't fought any of the upper-tier guys in the WW division.

he has only fought gatekeepers.

matt hughes
matt serra
anthony johnson

he should have to fight 1-2 of these guys before getting his shot.

 "And yes, Dan Hardy has EARNED this title shot. ""

He hasn't beaten any of the top guys. Kos, Fitch, Alves, Hughes, Condit, Daley, Kampmann.

Hardy GNPs Daley/subs him imo + KOs Hughes