GSP vs Diaz great fight or bad fight?

This can be a great fight or a bad fight!! But which is it??
I beleive it will be a great fight because Diaz will have a very active guard, unlike Shields did. I'm making my prediction based on GSP vs Shields because Shields was catching GSP and Diaz throws more punches than Shields. Also Diaz is never in a boring fight!!!!!!!!

great fight if diaz wins...

gsp is the most boring champ in the game


pretty much the same fight GSP always has

mmaboy15 - Shields was catching GSP and Diaz throws more punches than Shields.
Except Diaz throws his punches with closed fists.

If Diaz wins, it'll be because of great BJJ, awesome striking and will likely finish with KO or SUB. It will also be a huge upset and bring some new life/ a new meaner face to he forefront of the WW division.

If GSP wins, it'll due to avoiding the stand up, takedowns, safe/ short elbows from inside the guard and end up a unanimous decision wheee both fighters could likely go another 5 rounds. Phone Post

great fight, GSP will be forced to fight

it would be great of Diaz won. but it's a 99% chance that gsp will jab to takedown and hold him there. sadly. Phone Post

Dunno.  I would love to see it turn out like the Condit/Stungun fight with GSP getting beautifully swept and brutally smashed with a flying knee.

I can only dream.

Everyone!!! Will
Be watching this!! Love Diaz ? Hate Diaz? You will watch ! Love gsp? Hate his boring fights? You will watch !!! Love the style mix up? You will watch !! Want to see gsp dropped with hooks to the head then body shots? Or subbed ? Want to see gsp panic after 20 hooks to the head then take Diaz down? Then reAlize he shouldn't have done that ?? You will wAtch ..,,,, this is the fight all of us will watch ... Can't wait for gsp to finally get socked in the head? Phone Post

Huge ppv numbers Phone Post

its a great fight stylistically and in terms of rankings...GSP will not finish Diaz and if stays standing i see Diaz winning...can Diaz sub GSP from his back??very hard to say but its a great this point who else is there for GSP??

Great fight. Two champions. Both very skilled, I see Diaz having the upper hand in the standup I think he will come out aggressive. Gsp will take nick down and nick will use his very active guard to put on 100s of submission attempts. Gsp will stay on top and fight off the submissions to win a 5 round decision Phone Post

Diaz hits HARD. If he lands this fight could look like the first GSP - Serra fight.

Another lame gsp fight to stall a ass kicking from Anderson.. Phone Post

Great fight, Nick will press the action as hard as anyone ever has against GSP. I'm hoping Diaz has the skill to sweep GSP once he is on his back.... on the feet this should be very exciting. Can't wait for Nick to walk across the ring and go right after him.