GSP vs. Koscheck, in two years...

Will be a great fight. Koscheck has shown that he can become a great striker, improves all the time in subs, and already has great wrestling. GSP has all three, and they are both freaky athletes who can beat most guys on their athleticism.

^Agreed. I just think he has talent at striking, but I think he needs more fights and more training/sparring in between. I also agree that GSP will win this matchup, I just think it is one that would not be very exciting right now, but could be in the future.

GSP and WHO?

"Cummo and Bang did the same thing."

Yes, and they're both above average strikers.

Koscheck better be preparing for Joslin and not worrying about GSP.

Joslin will win this fight. Flag this thread.

Koscheck got manhandled by Diego. Manhandled, marked up, and sent
to the hospital. Keep that in mind please.

^^ lol... ya Goulet's standup is pretty shitty..

" Koscheck got manhandled by Diego."

Diego never got a takedown. Aside from winning the standup (no surprise) what was the manhandling?

You think Koscheck should always be judged by how he did as a guy who had been doing MMA for one year, fighting a guy who was 13-0 and the KotC champion?

I'm just saying that he got pummeled in that Diego fight. That was his
only fight against a top fighter, regardless of when it happened.

Therefore, until Kos gets a win against a real top 5 fighter, then I don't
think you have the right to talk about him and GSP....

^^^Which is why I said 2 years from now.

Also: Why do people on this board just dismiss the fact that Diego beat
Karo? Don't say he doesn't have the right to be mentioned alongside of
Hughes, Penn, or GSP. He had earned his right to fight any of those guys,
and has a chance against any of them (except GSP right now).

And btw, I'd like to see Penn beat Karo. It's a pick-em fight.

"Yes, and they're both above average strikers."

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you're being sarcastic.

"I will say it, Diego has no business with GSP, HUGHES or PENN."

I thought the same thing against Diaz and Karo, but Diego proved me wrong. I think he's ready for a shot at the top 3. If nothing else, his fights are always exciting.

Why are people all over Kos' sack? He has ALOT to prove before he's
mentioned in the same breath as GSP.

In two years St Pierre will be even better wrestling and better than Kos
wrestling. He only started wrestling at 19. Had he been wrestling his
whole life he'd blow Kos out of the water. In two years St Pierre will be a
BJJ blackbelt, and Kos will never catch up to him striking wise. St Pierre in
2 years will still be 4 years younger. Now or in
2 years St Pierre will shove Kos's head up his ass. Kos is living off
potential while St Pierre already achieved what Kos can only dream of, but
people speak of St Pierre like he is a guy who has hit peak, like the guy is
30 or something, when in reality we are looking at a 25 year old who still
has potential to grow into.

"Why are people all over Kos' sack?"

I don't KNOW why people are all over my sack.


You are getting a little carried away here. Kos has some of the best wrestling in the world. How many people have gone unbeaten in route to an NCAA championship? I am a huge GSP fan, but saying that he will be a better wrestler than Kos is just incorrect.

Kos still has a lot to prove with his striking. He looked great in his last fight. If he can dominate Joslin, I will be a believer in his newfound striking ability, and start talking about his chances against the elite of the division.

Sweetagony, thank you for saving me the time to type exactly what you just typed.

"In two years St Pierre will be even better wrestling and better than Kos wrestling. "

With that logic, let's get him in the kitchen with 11 herbs and spices. Colnel Sanders didn't start Mass producing his secret recipie till he was about 63 years old. At this rate GSP with be blowing Cheff Boyardee and The Keebler elv's right off the store shelves. In my best Water Boy voice* "No Colnel Sanders, you're wrong mama's right"

(edited for the plural spelling of elv's and Im still not sure it's right)

i do think GSPs wrestling is underated.I wonder how he does in straight wrestling with the Canada guys he training with.I think GSP could makee a great wrestler But Koscheck has great wrestling credentials and would have to be the favorite in straight wrestling until GSP competes and does well in some major tournements.I have no inside info or anything but I think GSP is very confiedent on his feet against wrestler.He fought and beat 3 of wrestlings best Trigg,Hughes and Sherk.None of those fighters took GSP down.In fact GSP has takin down all 3 and had them all on their back.GSP has said he planned on putting Trigg on his back So he is very confident in his wrestling.Im a big fan of GSP.Unfortunatly Im a bigger fan of Matt Serra and know Matt can sub anyone at anytime.Ill be rooting for Matt and think he has a great chance to win.

WC17 thank you for saying what i've been thinking forever.. GSP has not hit his prime yet!