GSP working on 'most important project of my life'

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                                GSP working on 'most important project of my life'

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                    <p>The Fight Network recently caught up with former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, who discussed his role in the twice Academy Award nominated documentary &quot;Kickboxer: Vengeance&quot; and he says in the first half of 2015 he will announce the biggest project of his life.</p>

What do you think it is?

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Action figures Phone Post 3.0

Definitely aliens Phone Post 3.0

Big tin foil baseball caps sponsored by tapout Phone Post 3.0

Maybe he's getting ideas from Bruce Jenner? Phone Post 3.0

Wrasslin Brock at summerslam? Phone Post 3.0

Hope it's a Fighter Union. Phone Post 3.0

"I can't talk about it now"

"It's not about movie career"

"It will be revealed the first half of 2015"

"the most important thing in my life, if it works"


GSP vs Anderson at 185?

Fighter's Union?


Becoming an Olympic gymnast obviously Phone Post 3.0

His own mma promotion "Rush MMA"? Phone Post 3.0


Georges Fighting Championship

Fighter Union I hope.

If not definitely Aliens. Phone Post 3.0

Perfecting a New Jersey accent.

It may have something to do with fighter testing or a fighters association.

He wants to do something that helps the sport. This could be it. Adds to his legacy Phone Post 3.0

Marriage? Phone Post 3.0

Bloodsport remake would be the best. But only if he's the jcvd character. Phone Post 3.0


Probably opening his own gym Phone Post 3.0

sacredhate - union.

hopefully union with drug testing or alternate fighting org ... GSP has the draw to make either work.