GSP's Dark Place

"Getting a free water cup and filling it up with Sprite #GSPsDarkPlace" -Joseph Benavidez


"Having a library book 1 day overdue #GSPsDarkPlace" -Danny Downes

"Masturbating in the bathroom during Les Miserables #GSPsDarkPlace" -Joseph Benavidez


"Hanging up on a telemarketer before they finish their sales pitch #GSPsDarkPlace" -Danny Downes

"That one time he used the salad fork for his entree. #GSPsDarkPlace" -Danny Downes


"loosening the cap of Nick Diaz's salt shaker #GSPsDarkPlace" -Joseph Benavidez
"takes off his shoes without untying the laces #GSPsDarkPlace" - Danny Downes
These are from their twitter feeds.....let's keep going with our own UG.
Runs with scissors #GSPsDarkPlace
Credit to an awesome poster on a different forum for this.

Drinking red wine instead of white.

I make fun of that part so much.

Lamest thing ever. Phone Post

Eating grapes at the supermarket without paying

Tearing the warning label off his mattress.

not waiting his turn at a 4 way stop

he never would rewind his VHS rentals as a child before returning them on time

HandyDarsh -

not waiting his turn at a 4 way stop

lmao Phone Post

Takes some Arby's sauce packets for the road -GSPsDarkPlace Phone Post

Final training session at Lloyd Irvins Academy #GSPsDarkPlace

Not having riddum - GSPsDarkPlace

Doesn't wash his hands #GSP'sDarkPlace Phone Post

Letting his hair grow longer than 1/8".
Going through a 10 items or less aisle at market with 12 items
Doesn't brush teeth away from gums.

All of which are #GSPsDarkPlace

Straight up LIES in Go Fish -GSPsDarkPlace Phone Post

Tried smoking MJ once as a teenager, but did not inhale.


no idea....

Doesn't always recycle his aluminum cans.#GSPsDarkPlace

Did not pick up the poop from his dog and bag it. #GSPsDarkPlace

Walked on the grass despite the sign.#GSPsDarkPlace

These are hilarious lol Phone Post

Left a floater and did not flush.#GSPsDarkPlace

Doesn't always say "Thank You" to people who hold the door for him. #GSPsDarkPlace