GSP's Knees to a downed Hughes?

Late round 2, around the 1:20 mark, i counted two knees by GSP to the dome area of Hughes, PornoStached Mazzagatti didnt say a word.

anyone else notice?

to the body, i believe

I saw them but I didnt see if Hughes was on his knees or crouching on his feet.

I thought the same thing, but I saw some pics from a different angle.  They were clearly to the body.

to the body and they were NASTY!

1 looked illegal

glad nobodys making a big fuss about it tho

well, even if he kneed his face, Hughes had one foot planted, and both hands off the mat, so i wouldve been legal

Thats why the rule is fucking STOOOOOOPID!

Did it hit his head or shoulder?

Did he have one knee down at the time of contact?

Get rid of the fucken rule. Im fine with no soccer kicks but let the knees go!!!

I noticed that. Mazz told him to watch the knees.

He kneed Hughes in the chest.

stupid rule to start with. gsp likes to knee to the chest but one of them looked like it could have hit head but i didnt see replay.

It was to the mid section.

one each

Mazagatti stepped directly in front of the camera for the first knee, the second was clearly to the body. Hughes had one knee on the ground at the time. When I first saw it I thought they were both to the head, upon seeing the fight again I know the second shot was clean but can't actually see the first one land, no one in Hughes's corner said anything so I assume it wasn't a foul.