gsp's throw in 2nd round..

What kind of throw was that?

After reading the other thread, I've concluded it was some novel thing people are referring to as "The Judo"

i heard it works 50% of the time

In judo it would be Tai Otoshi-Body Drop... Obviously w/o the GI...

50% of the time it works everytime

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It was pure wrestling. Don't let them romo's with baggy gi pants tell you otherwise...

"50% of the time it works everytime"

That doesn't make sense.

^^^ that is exactly why it is funny.


Pretty sure everyone concured it was the "Flying Farmer".

It was a body lock and hip throw.

The reason you don't see much of this from US wrestlers is because, due to the wrestling rules in the US, if you fail to throw the guy you lose 2 points on a "reversal".

This rule is not used in international free style wrestling (Olympic style) so it is practiced at the club GSP trains at.

I thought it was BJJ?

OOOPPPSSSS Guess no claim for judo.

It was a Judo throw.

It was a wrestling throw.

it was a otoshigari! A JUDO THROW

kmssmk has thrown the correct

I thouht it was a variation of osoto gari, I havent seen that throw in Greco but Im sure it is a greco roman throw also

whatever throw it is, i'll never be able to do replicate it as good as him. The guys is a true freak, even moreso than BJ Penn. While both never competed in wrestling -- and I think it'd be interesting to see if GSP can keep Penn down, considering Couture, with a weight advandtage to boot, had trouble keeping Penn down -- learning takedowns and wrestling for just 6 years and hearing your olympian or near-olympian teammates encouraging you to try out for the canadian trials is unheard of. Just amazing.