GTA 3 or Vice City?

Which game did you guys prefer and why?

VC - better graphics, can fly helicopters, drive motorcycles and boats, and there's a certain "style" to the 80's vibe that I like.

I liked VC better for everything but the soundtrack and the actual city. I thought Liberty was a more interesting and diverse location, and I liked having music I didn't know by heart already. Other than that, VC was more and better of everything.

Vice City - Better graphics, music, missions and a great Miami Vice theme. The 80´s vibe rules...

I never played GTA 3, only Vice City. Is it worth playing GTA 3, or will I be dissapointed because Vice City was so much better?

They both did things well that the other didn't. I felt the environments in GTA 3 were superior, there were more elevation changes that were fun as hell and also it had more of a dark criminal feel in spots.

Vice city on the other hand had more diversity in vehicles, more missions and more to do overall.

GTA 3 is way better its storyline is much more linear I find in Vice city you are searchring around for jobs a lot.

Both are great. If you've played VC you will just feel limited in 3. However I preferred the atmosphere and actual city of 3. The 80s Miami feel is hit or miss, you either like it or don't.

I like Vice City's features better but I liked Liberty City better. Vice City is awesome though.

Nothing beat the feeling after finishing VC: When you first start off you have NOTHING. At the end you can fly the copter around and see that the entire city is YOURS.

Try the "realGTA3" mod for GTA3. It adds tons of real cars and better graphics to GTA3. It´s great to be able to drive around in a CooperMini or a BMW M3...

I'm SO stuck at the first malibu mission its rediculous, mustve tried it 20 times, have to bust cam jones out of the police station, but theres the back door that just keeps spawning cops and one of us gets smoked before we get out of the station every time. I now hate the game FUCK. CAn wrestler

You need the helicoptor dude, just park it outside the station.

me either, it worked though :). Now i gotta figure out how to get my guys to a car after the bank job so i can pay and spray. I've been picked off twice tryin to find a normal vehicle, all there is around is cops that wanna take my head off. That is a kick ass mission though! CAN wrestler

man, anytime I ude a choper the cops always get me because of the time it takes to take off. I don't see how you guys do it.

Instead of getting the chopper you can run to the "alleys" between the police station and the beach. When you get to the alley sprint like hell so that the guy your busting out gets left behind. He will now stand there alone and the police will ignore him and you´ll have a way easier time to get to the pay´n spray. When your wanted level is down you can go and pick him up again and finish the mission. This way you don´t have to worry about the police killing the other dude...

The trails thing sucks ass. Why on earth did they use it as default?

LOL, I told two of my friends about the trails option in the menu. They had been playing with trails on since GTA3 came out... the look on their faces was priceless =).

Copied from Vice City website:
"I've seen on a board or two that people are complaining the graphics are "muddy" and they deliberately turn off trails to get the graphics back to a crisp and clean state. You may forget, but this takes place in MIAMI!! Miami is EXTREMELY tropical and humid. That "muddy" scenery is what the scenery REALLY looks like, because the air is so hazy! So you're complaining that the game is too realistic looking, and you're going to take it back down to a lower-quality-graphics to try to get rid of the fog. What's next, turning off the rain?"

Yeah, I didn't like the trails, either. I'll take crisp and jaggy over nausea anyday.