It's bigger than gta4, San Andreas and red dead redemption combined.

This is perspective
Here's an ign article Phone Post 3.0

looks great

damn. Impressive.

What if there is no fast travel...... Phone Post 3.0

Looks awesome cannot wait till this comes out Phone Post

I will be loosing many an hour to this game Phone Post


Woohoo! Only a couple more days Phone Post 3.0

"Accidental" Phone Post

Was there not already a map released? That had gta 3, San Andreas and 4 all in one? Maybe a fake then.

Looking forward to it Phone Post 3.0

This was so dope... When it was posted yesterday Phone Post

Later Phone Post

unzips Phone Post

Accidently released my ass, because the guys who develop GTA are so secretive when it comes to the GTA franchise that the thought of somebody leaking this a couple of days before the game comes out is slim to none, because nothing they make gets released by mistake it is all planned well in advance

Phone Post 3.0

Sweet Jesus!

I had an accidental release when I saw this map

Very pumped for this to come out.

Apparently the game is getting put online tonight so people with flashed xboxs got it early I HOPE THEY ALL GET BANNED !!!! Phone Post

That's on 360?!? Looks amazing!!! Phone Post 3.0