How do these two games stack up? I took the OG's advice a couple years ago when I read that massive thread on Skyrim proclaiming it to be the best gave ever. After purchasing it, I have to agree. It was one fantastic game. However, last year, I read the same sort of accolades towards Farcry 3. Since I was 1 for 1 taking everyone's advice, I purchased the game but hated it. The combat wasn't precise, I felt like I was constantly babysitting my character or having to craft for every misc. item. Moreover, I couldn't walk 10 feet in any direction without the skinnys arriving on their jeeps to kill me. After a few hours it became a massive headache and I never played it again.

So would you guys say GTA 5 is more towards the level of Skyrim or Farcry 3? I have never owned a GTA game (beyond the 1st one) FYI.

You didn't play FC3 long enough. You have to level up a bit n get the ammo pouch. Then about 1/3 of the way through you become a fucking tool of death. You just have to approach things with stealth n tactics no running in guns blazing.

GTA is awesome too. Phone Post 3.0

GTA is IMO pretty damn easy. Phone Post 3.0

AlexanderTheGOAT - LOL Gta 5 and it's not even close. Far cry 3 wanted so bad to be a big open world game but was basically a big empty map and shit got repetitive in like 5 hours. Phone Post 3.0

This was the feeling I got. Maybe I just wasn't feeling the tropical island thing.

There's more variety and story to GTA V than Far Cry 3.

But gameplay wise it's nothing like Far Cry 3 or Skyrim.