GTA IV multiplayer

I'm new to online gaming and don't really talk to anyone about so maybe you guys can answer something for me.

I usually play Deathmatch. An opponent and I can have the exact same gun (auto aim) and start shooting each other at the exact same time. Yet, I'm dead in like 3 shots whereas I haven't taken any of their health away.

How is that?

I don't understand what Rockstar was thinking at all when they developed this multiplayer.....what the fuck is the point of even having it if 1) you're gonna put player's names over their heads so everyone knows where they are and 2) have lock-on aiming.

I can't possibly see what would be fun about playing this given the above two features.  I mean, I suppose you could turn off the auto-aiming, but then you're putting yourself at a ridiculous disadvantage.

I'm hardly the leader, but I'd say 60-70% of the matches that I'm in have auto-aim enabled.

Playing within gamertags on sucks IMO. I can run around the entire 15 minutes and only find 3 or so people. It gets boring like that.

i've started playing mostly the "GTA race" mode.... its alot of fun.

you should give that a try.

also, has anyone gotten the Kill a Rockstar developer achievement?

if you have. when you're in the multiplayer lobby, click the "y" button to change your model. and then once you're in the model screen click the "LB" button and you can change you guy into a zombie who wears a yellow speedo with sandals. sweet.

wtf, who would want to play where the gamertag is NOT above the persons head??that would be stupid as hell...

the auto aim feature is ok i guess...its just the whole shooting/melee combat aspect just flat out sucks...its so awkward that playing team deathmatch and other modes is no fun....the race modes and 4 player co-op is fun though...

 I'm really not impressed with this multiplayer.

Alright this is lame.

My opponent and I both have SMGs. I have full heath and body armor, he just has full health. I empty an entire clip into him on auto-aim and his health bar doesn't move. As I'm reloading he shoots me twice and I die.

What the hell???

hes probably getting headshots on you, pull the stick down a little bit and it should shift more twoards his head (if you have invert on), you can practice that in single player but its an essential skill for the SP and MP game imo. In the SP game i rarely use a gun outside of the pistol becuase its so damn fun, and its easy to get headshots.

You're a retard. The host can turn auto aim off, which will disable it for every player.

Statis is correct about the headshots.

The only time I spray is when I'm close range with someone. If I have enough room to aim for their head, I take the headshot every time.

As for the blips on the radar to indicate where everyone is, I prefer it actually since it would take a long time to even find your opponents and even teammates on the map.

I'll try to headshots. Maybe that's it.

NeverBackDown - You're a retard. The host can turn auto aim off, which will disable it for every player.

Did someone say they can't?

Just practice it in SP on pedestrians, etc. Its pretty ez once you get the hang of it.

Turf Wars is the best multiplayer game on GTA 4.