GTA SA: Going back for stuff

Okay...need some help from those who have passed the game.

I got halfway through the San Fierro missions. Then, I wanted to go back and do some stuff in Los Santos. When I got there, I

(1) no longer had the $ outside my house

(2) had no color of different gang turfs (no it was not turned off)

So now I am a little confused. I know there were gang turfs left that I had not taken over. I want to do everything!!! Perfectly!!! Why is the dollar sign gone (and the money that accumulates) and no more gang designations??

Thanks guys!

Keep playing. The turf wars come back later in the game.

I WILL get my motherfucking turf back!!!!

I'm doing the country missions. I'm at the second race now and actually hate it so much, I'm thinking about quitting the game. Bad enough I had to do it on PS2 before.

The physics during races is a bit lame.