GTA Tournament Results?

Anyone got'em?

Advanced Gi 155

  1. Patricio Canales Gamma/BTT

  2. Fadi Nadar? Kata/Nova Uniao

  3. Eric Yu Toronto BJJ/Chute Boxe

There was an advanced no-Gi divison, I have no idea what the weight was:

  1. Phil Vanderbukle
  2. Adrew Mciness
  3. Daniel Tsatsos

Bocek/Kombat: Jefferson Alvarez and Cliff Guerrero: 155lb intermediate, 1st and 3rd respectively

Amir also won gi advanced.

Amir is a machine

HE refereed, fought in the GI, the no-gi and almost an irate coach and he had time to help bring in stuff to my table too, all the long wearing a big smile

Alliance Canada

Mike Diggins - Gold - Beginner under 155

Brandon Sacco - Gold - Beginner under 185

Nicholas Zablocki - Silver - Intermediate No Gi under 185

Minh Phung - Bronze - Beginner under 145

Dave Beach - Bronze - Beginner under 205

Shane - Bronze - Advanced -under 225

Jeff Duarte - Silver - Advanced No Gi

Phil Vanderbuckle-Gold Advanced Super Heavy No-Gi

Ronin MMA Results
Sean Mikkelborg - Silver - Intermediate Gi 205
Sean Mikkelborg - Bronze - Intermediate Gi 225
Brandon Moy - Gold - Beginner Gi 140
Triet Nguyen - Silver - Beginner No-Gi
Jay Bissonette - Gold - Beginner No-Gi 225
Wissam Aoun - Gold - Advanced Gi 205
Wissam Aoun - Gold - Advanced No-Gi 205
Ronin MMA

Toronto BJJ partial medal Results list

Mens beginner Gi

140 Silver
170 Silver & Bronze + 4th
185 Bronze
205 Gold & Silver
225 Silver
225+ Silver & 4th

Mens intermediate gi

170 silver

Mens Advanced

155 Bronze

Teens Gi


BJJ Tournament Team Champions

Beginner No-gi
140 4th
170 Gold + 4th
225+ gold & Bronze

All the KOMBATFITNESSGYM.COM...guys..where doing really well...

great tournament!




I think they will be posted on Omar's website soon.

ttt for the results and scoring update!

I'm told that I will have them today and will post them IMMEDIATELY once I can update them to the current scores. I know everyone is anxious to know where they stand and whether they are fighting next weekend. As soon as these get in, I will be contacting everyone personally to confirm their attendance.

I'll post the link here when they are done.


Team event info is up

Final scores for most divisions have been posted at:

There are some divisions where the finalists need to be verified after "Submission Wins" results from the last tournament. As soon as I have the updates from the last competition, I will be posting the FINAL SCORES for these remaining divisions.

You will notice the top four finalists in each division highlighted in yellow. Although I will be contacting each finalist individually, please e-mail me at with your confirmation to compete at the finals on June 23rd if you see your name as a confirmed finalist. In the event that one or more of the top four finalists are unable to compete, we will be contacting the competitors in order of placing (starting with fifth place).

There is no fee to compete at the Grand Prix finals if you are invited as a finalist. The top four competitors will compete against each other in a round-robin tournament in both gi and no-gi events (eg. three matches w/gi and three matches w/no-gi). The winner will be determined by the highest overall score based on points for first place (5 points), second place (3 points) and third place (1 point).

I will continue to update the scores as I receive them (womens divisions included) and will do my best to contact all competitors as soon as possible to confirm your attendance. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.

Good luck!

Omar Salvosa.

What about an absolute bracket for the advanced and maybe intermediate fighters? That would be real fun to watch.