Obviously this is non-wrestling related but you bastards are my favorite people around here so... Anyone been playing online? Is there a secret PWF crew that I haven't been jumped into yet? Phone Post 3.0

Another reason I should have gotten a PS3 instead if an xbox Phone Post 3.0

I still lose my banked money after every log in. Super pissed at GTA online. But the crew is awesome and fun to play with. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I don't get it. I feel like I had less problems before the patch. I can get over certain things but the funky shit that goes on with the money now is frustrating. I lost about five grand yesterday and have lost clothing and a gun I bought. Overall, I am beyond impressed with the game in general but if they're going to make the online play favor people who spend real money to get fake money they better iron this shit out so the rest of us can keep the shit we spent time making in-game. Phone Post 3.0