GTA winners at NAGA

just want to give big congrats to everyone form the area who went down to new jersey to compete this past weekend in NAGA..

i am not sure how many people actually competed but i do know my boy SHYAM TANNA went down and won his no gi division "kinda funny casue we mostly worked gi to get him ready :)" but a wins a win.

good work to everyone who went out..

Congrats to Shyam and Gil for winning their divisions. I will post complete results as soon as I have them. Congrats again...


Congrats, training with the best instructors has probably brought his game up considerably.

the guy put in work and the results showed... i predict the Nova uniao mississauga will be a pretty good group of guys soon.. watch out beginner divisions in local tourneys a new squad is coming through

Great Job!

It was a good experience. I can't make Joslins this year so I just decided to go. After not training for most of the year I didn't really expect anything.

Thanks to Omar, Hector and Lenny for training with me almost everyday for the past month and to Bo, Claude, ScottLaRock for all the tips and beatings.

Thanks to Scott Schilling also for helping me even though I was MIA for most of the year. Thanks to Chris Brennan and Stephan Kesting as well.

Congrats to Shyam also. He smashed everyone.

Congrats !!

Congrats to Shyam and Gil,

Your hard word has paid off! I'll see you Champions soon.

Thanks, good seeing you back in action Shawn. Tell Jason I took down my opponent in the finals using a greco throw he showed me. Good stuff.

Congrats Shyam !

are you moving up intermediate for joslins ?


You can't match KATA's BJJ program in the GTA.

Gotta tell Joey to move to a bigger place again. Bocek has built quite an army.

What division did you guys win?


How many beginner's does KATA have doing BJJ? It sounds like you have some new members.

Congrats guys! sounds like you cleaned up, what division was it? beginner? intermidiate?



I received an email from Shyam a couple of days back and I'm pretty sure it was intermidiate for both guys.

Cool, its good to see some Canadian boys doing well in the international scene!