GTA's still happening?

Hi all,

Just wanted check if the 2004 GTA's are still a go? I appreciate any info. on the tourny.



I wanna know too if theres a tournament for me to concentrate and train for? It was supposed to be for March 20th. Anyone have any answers or details???

I saw the flyer for March 20th tournament at the showdown store in London. As far as Danny knew it was still on.

It is not on.

If the GTA's are not a go, is there another event planned for the next couple of months?

Thanks for any info.


Guess I'll have to take down the flyers :(


I'll never get to fight (sobs uncontrollably)

the CJA's will probably happen. Also April 18th in the Detroit Michigan area is not that far away.

Feb 21 GQ in Newark N.J.

March 5-7 Arnold Gracie World's Columbus Ohio

March 20 NAGA Worlds in Newark N.J.

April 3-4 Pan ams in L.A.

April 18th Champions Challenge in Michigan.

I heard that it was cancelled due to bullshit politics with the CJA - time to go underground if they are going to keep cancelling tourneys

save your pennies, and compete in the Pan Ams. I booked a flight from buffalo to LA for 229.00. If you can take time off work/school it is a great opportunity to compete and party in LA!!!

We can handle to overflow from the Pan Ams in Montreal. GAMMA will be hosting a BJJ tournament in Montreal on April 3, 2004.

LA is more fun, but we have shorter line ups and lower entry fees.

Have they announced anything different about the weigh in strategy? The Pan-ams is without a doubt the most competitive and largest tournament in North America, but the level of disorganization last year at the weigh-ins was beyond comprehension.

TTTT for Sled Dog!!!

It's far from the CJA's fault...

Anyway, support Sled Dog's event for now.

I'm still in negatioations for the 2004 Toronto Showdown. May actually be a reality.

As far the GTA's go, it can still be a possibility but whomever is running it has to go through the CJA. That's the reality for now.

To go underground would really screw us all. Those that are in the know, wouldn't do something like that.



I understand the CJA-sanctioned tourneys are the way
to go, but I've heard in the past three years or so
that there have been (underground if you will)
unsanctioned competitions that have happened right here
in the GTA. Don't know for sure mind you, this is
just what I've heard.