GTB saves my me how.

Scott, thank you

I went Snowboarding today first time ever. My irresponsible friends decided to take me to an intermediate/advanced hill/slope & left me to fend for myself.

Before hand, the only instruction they would give was "steer with your front foot" and the ominous "if you fall, try not to fall hard; you do martial arts, you know how to fall right?".

Anywaythe last quote made me think about ways of falling & I realized I knew how to fall well due to a little some'n some'n called "Ground engagement". I must have fallen 70 times. I'm not hurt. Why? seriously, by exhaling EVERY time I fell, and by biomechanically distributing the force as I did. I even managed a shoulder roll or two. I literally used some of the techniques from GTB, without planniing to, even though my behind took a severe beating. I was still able to roll back & allow myself to lie flat instead of falling hard on the um...behind. So...anyone who wants to snowboard, pick up a copy of Grappler's toolbox, and your first time will be less unpleasant than you'd expect.


Any pics? LOL! Now you drag those bastards into the gym and say "YOU'RE IN MY WORLD NOW!!"

Cool story!

ROSS ground engagement is freakin' awesome! In '97 I attended the very first ROSS seminar in the U.S. I'll never forget my first demonstration of ROSS.

I had arrived a day early and was hanging out with Scott. (Who had graciously picked me up at the Philly airport and let me stay with him the whole weekend). I had been bugging him the whole day, asking him to "see it". This was during ROSS early stages in the US--there were no videos yet. etc.

Later that night we went to some store to pick up some certificates and as we were leaving--I had asked Scott another question about engaging the ground. Eager to please his audience, (actually, he had that exasperated look on his face--you know the one--when someone's been bothering you for something all day and you finally give in. lol :) he proceeded to "throw" himself to the concrete and "bounced" back up. I was left standing there, jaw dropping to the floor, amazed at his pliability and the fluidity of his movement.

I was speechless. I had never seen anyone engage the ground that quickly, come back to a standing postion that quickly and not have a scratch on him or anything.

Well, that was my intro to ground engagement--in the parking lot of Kmart or whatever store that was.

It definitely made me a believer.