Guaranteed income is graduating from charity to public policy

To anyone with any common sense the current ongoing experiment should make it clear that when you pay people to do nothing, they will in fact, not surprisingly unless you’re a fucking idiot, do nothing. But I guess some people really do want to destroy the country so long as it keeps them in power… And of course we have calls for another $2,000 a month ‘stimulus’.

It’s been common to say that our grandchildren are fucked, but at this rate our children will be fucked first.

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You are suggested that a 500$ UBI will make people stop working and thus society will fall apart destroying the country for future generations?

  1. I think you underestimate how lazy people can be…

  2. Let’s for the sake of argument assume that it will only be $500… How long till politicians start running on the promise of raising it and how long until it is?